Life Lately Vol. 6

I definitely didn’t intend to take this long of a break from this little space — I was feeling uninspired a couple weeks ago and then the week after that was so full, so the blog got pushed to the backburner! I’m popping in today to share what we’ve been up to lately!


Fletcher has been so alert lately now that he is getting a little older and it’s been so fun to really see his little personality come to life!


My sister invited me to attend a parenting class at church with her and we both really enjoyed it! It’s a series that continues for the next few weeks so we plan to bring the guys next time!


Fletcher had his first trip to Target last week when we swung by the store to grab a few things — he was smiling, so I think it’s safe to say that he liked it!

I wound up with three clogged ducts in the past week and a half and was surprised by how much they can kick you out of commission. Each time one would clear up, another one would pop up and it was super annoying since it makes it really painful to move my upper body and hold Fletcher!

Speaking of Fletcher, poor little buddy came down with a stomach bug that same week and we felt so bad for him! He just wasn’t himself and wanted to be held 24/7 since he wasn’t feeling well. We brought him in to the pediatrician’s office and got the all-clear that it was nothing more than a virus or bug that he was fighting. He’s back to his usual happy self now, and it is such a relief! It’s so hard to see your baby not feeling well!


I keep checking the forecast to see if there are any signs of us flipping over to spring weather but so far, no luck! I’m really hoping we get some warm, sunny days towards the end of the month so that we can hit a few Parade of Homes! It has been so bitterly cold lately — here’s to hoping that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. ;)


We have the best neighbors ever and one of them snagged me two boxes of my favorite Girl Scout cookies! We popped them in the freezer (aka the best way to eat any cookie / candy / treat) and polished off both boxes between the two of us in record time!


Ever since Fletcher was born, we’ve been hanging out in our master bedroom since the bassinet and whatnot is already up there but the other night I decided to move down to the living room for a change of scenery and oh my goodness, it was a game changer! I have no idea why I have been only living in one room for the past month and a half but since moving down here, it has literally been like a breath of fresh air. We have his Mamaroo swing down here and so I’ll use that as a spot to set him down as I make lunch or need to get something done. Otherwise, I tend to hold him most of the day because snuggles with a tiny baby are just the best and I know that this is what I’ll miss most about this newborn stage!

Alright, I’m off to catch a nap while he is still sleeping! :)