A Day in the Life - Weekday Edition

Monday was my last day at Target, so I thought I’d snap some photos throughout my day since it’s the end of that chapter!


I’m so excited to start my new job — it’s been fun working with my friends at Target’s headquarters, but I’m ready to get back into illustration again!


I was up around 6am since I didn’t need to get out the door as early as usual — it felt good to “sleep in” for an extra hour! I threw together a quick breakfast consisting of organic plain Greek yogurt, fresh peaches and strawberries, and granola. I almost always sip on some iced coffee in the mornings while getting ready, too.


I took a shower and got ready for the day but didn’t spend a ton of time on my hair or makeup since I was heading to a sports massage appointment before work. I pulled a muscle in my back over the weekend so I booked an appointment to get some bodywork done.


Once I was ready, I quickly ran outside to water our flowers before Fletcher woke up from his morning nap.


Fletcher woke up shortly after I came back inside so I changed his diaper and swapped out his jammies for a onesie.


Then, Fletcher and I headed downstairs where he played with his toys while I finished packing up my million bags for the day. It was mid-morning by this point so I grabbed a protein bar from my packed lunch (shown below) to eat while finishing up since the rest of my morning was busy.


Here’s my lunch + snacks for the day! Kale + cabbage + broccoli slaw salad with cashews, sesame seeds, almonds, and cheese, almonds, pretzels, fresh strawberries (to add to my salad), carrots, and a protein bar.


Once Fletcher’s nanny arrived, I chatted with her for a few minutes and then headed out the door for my appointment.


A sports massage sounds relaxing but it’s actually kind of painful, ha ha. She did a great job of loosening up my tight hips, glutes, and lower back.


After the massage, I quickly showered and applied makeup in the locker room.


I swung by the club’s cafe to check my work email before hitting the road. Since it was my last day, there weren’t really any urgent messages to deal with so I grabbed some water and headed out.


One of the perks of going into work later in the morning was that there was no traffic! I flew the whole way there, parked, and then headed inside.


My first stop was to do a quick pumping session before heading up to my floor. I work while I pump because it helps the time go by faster and makes it easier to pump without being disruptive to my workday.


Once I was done, I headed up to the kitchen to work while eating lunch.


Our nanny sends pictures / videos of Fletcher to us throughout the day and it’s always one of our favorite things!

Next thing I knew, it was time for a meeting so I headed to that, worked some more, and then went to one last meeting to chat about the transition with my replacement. After that, I dropped off my laptop and headed out!


I had dinner plans to meet my auntie on the patio of our favorite restaurant and it was a gorgeous night for it!


I arrived a little early so I walked through The Galleria to do a little window shopping.

I ended up browsing around at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware for a bit to see what they had on the floor. We’ve been trying to really commit to making time to shop for furniture so that we can get our main level finished but man, it’s hard to find the time when you work full time and have a baby! I chatted with the sales guy at RH for awhile and asked his opinion on a few items and then headed back down the hall towards Good Earth.


On the way there, I noticed that Creative Kidstuff was closing and everything was super clearanced so I decided to pop in and check it out. I found a couple of items for Fletcher’s Christmas present and I’ve probably said this a million times, but I just love shopping for my little guy!


My aunt and I enjoyed a great dinner outside — she’s one of my favorite people ever and spending time with her just makes me so happy!

After a couple of hours, we parted ways and I headed home to unpack my bags while catching up with Andy. Fletcher woke up from a nap shortly after I arrived home so I changed him into his jammies, fed him, played for a bit since he was super active and chatty, and then put him down for the night.


I got ready for bed and fell asleep right away!

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