Donuts with Dad

My start date for my new job got pushed out a week so I have been enjoying a few days off with Fletcher! Yesterday, we decided to go visit Andy at work so that we could show Fletcher his office and also introduce him to his coworkers.

We stopped to pick up donuts for everyone on the way there — Fletcher loved looking all around the grocery store as we walked through the aisles and then had the cutest smile on his face when we put the boxes of donuts in the backseat with him.


Once we arrived, we headed inside to meet the team! A flock of people instantly crowded around Fletcher ooing and awing at him and he was LOVING the attention!


It was the cutest thing to see him take everything in.


Sitting at dad’s desk like a big kid!


Fletcher loved checking out the toy that dad had on his desk!

We had so much fun visiting Andy at work and hope to visit again sometime soon!