Fletcher James: Five Months

I’m one month behind on these but am determined to catch up by the end of the month so I can get back into blogging in real time!


Height + Weight: 

I’m not sure what his stats were for this month because our clinic skips the 5 month well check and goes from 4 months to 6 months! My guess is that he is around 14 pounds because he looks and feels bigger / taller to me!


It’s so fun to see more of his personality each month — he has become quite the little charmer!


Clothes + Diapers:

He’s in size 3 months and 3-6 months clothes, although the 3-6 months are still a little big at times! I packed up all of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes and they have been moved to the basement for storage — it was a little sad to see how much of his wardrobe he has outgrown. What they say about babies is so true — they really do grow up so fast!We bumped him up to size 2 diapers this month and they seem to be doing the trick!


He is awake more and more each day and has been sleeping through the night a few nights per week. We also moved him into his nursery since he was getting too tall for his bassinet — he’s also started rolling / moving in his sleep so the bassinet has been packed up and moved to the basement until baby #2 comes along.



He drinks around 4oz every 3ish hours — sometimes he will do 5ish oz especially during fussy teething evenings. He usually wakes up, eats, plays, takes a nap, repeat.



He loves going new places with us and also watching local sporting events — we have been walking to a sports field in the evenings after dinner to watch the big kids play and he is so enthralled with it. Still loves books, Little People playsets, teething toys for chewing, and a musical piano keyboard that my sister gave him. He’s just the happiest little thing!



Rolls from back to tummy, has two top teeth coming in, can sit for a few seconds unassisted, can scoot across the floor and in a circle, can ALMOST crawl — seriously, he is so close. He loves when we clap and praise him whenever he does his tricks, too — it is so cute! He also has been laughing more whenever we (especially Andy) are being silly with him). Most of his hair has grown back in and it is blonde — we’ve had fun spiking it into a little mohawk again!


He has also started getting into things — the other day I ran downstairs to put expressed milk in the fridge and he had scooted over to my pump and started chewing on the tubing!

IMG_7610 copy.jpg

Special Memories:

Completing the summer reading program at the library and earning a prize! Meeting Great Aunt Lori and second-cousin Karlie! Also, visiting Daddy at work, celebrating Father’s Day, and having a boys night with Daddy while I was out of town on an overnight work trip!



Starbucks with our friend Allie, first trip to the zoo, many trips to IKEA, more library visits, first trip to MOA for the 4th of July, first trip to Costco, and his first trip to church!