Life Lately Vol. 11

After what felt like the craziest summer we have ever had, it feels really good to be entering this new season of slowing down and embracing new routines and opportunities.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we’ve been making some strides towards figuring out what our interior design style is and adding in items that we love as we decorate / furnish the rooms. I had been eyeing snake plants for awhile (I’ve been really into plants lately) and came across some while we were at Home Depot the other weekend. Theirs were on the small size and didn’t look as vibrant as what I had in mind so I decided to hold off on them for now. Well, the following weekend Fletcher and I went to IKEA to purchase a highchair and lo and behold, they had both large and small snake plants so we scooped up two minis and one mama one!

They’re the perfect addition to our home and I love that they not only look edgy and unique, but they also filter the air from toxins — win-win.


Driving home in a crazy rainstorm with three potted plants in the car was a bit of a challenge but we managed with no spills!


Speaking of the IKEA highchair, we love it! It’s very minimalistic and its simple design allows it to fit seamlessly in our dining room without it being a big, bright, eyesore. Fletcher is a big fan of it as well — especially when smoothies are involved!


I’ve been on an acai bowl kick again after picking some more of these frozen organic acai packets from Trader Joe’s! I just toss a packet in the blender with a frozen banana and a splash of apple juice. Once its all whirled up, I top it with strawberries, banana slices, granola, honey, and unsweetened coconut. Once in awhile I’ll add a swirl of peanut butter, too!


It’s been a bit cooler these days so it’s been fun to dress Fletcher in some of the clothes that he doesn’t get to wear very often. These army pants are my absolute favorite! I’m hoping to snag another pair in a larger size for fall and maybe even find a pair of cameo skinnies for me as well! Also, Fletcher has a full head of hair now (most of it fell out in the first few months of his life) and it’s so light! We love styling it into a mini mohawk each morning!


I’ve been loving this new hair serum that I found at TJ’s! It not only smells like a vacation, but it keeps my fine-textured hair from becoming too staticky. Would highly recommend it!

What’s something you’ve been enjoying lately?
Are you ready for fall or on team summer forever?