Fletcher James: Six Months

Our little Gus Gus is half of a year old!


Height + Weight:
26.5 inches and 14.5 pounds — I’m starting to really feel the weight of him getting bigger! I find that I have to keep switching which arm I hold him with after awhile.


Clothes + Diapers:
Fletcher is sporting size 3-6 months and size 6 months clothes most days! He’s also still in size 2 diapers


We started sleep training this month — it was hard at first since he would cry, but each night got a little easier. Once the evenings started going more smoothly, we started using this technique at nap time as well. Our sleep training technique goes something like this: bottle, read a book, say prayers, listen to his wind-up lambie lullaby song, lay down in crib while sleepy but still awake and say “it’s night night time, I love you”. We let him cry for 5 minutes, then go in and reassure him if necessary (say “it’s night night time, I love you” and rub his back to let him know we are still there). He usually fusses for a few more minutes and then he’s out! Once in awhile it takes two rounds of the reassurance but we don’t let him cry longer than 2 rounds of 5 minutes.


Still on the same routine of sleep, eat, play, etc. I’m going to really be more intentional about his sleep routines this fall since we have a lot more going on with work, school, etc.

Sitting in his new highchair while I’m cooking / doing dishes. I think he enjoys this because he is at counter-height, making it easier for him to feel included on what is happening in the kitchen. He’s also really been enjoying people — I hosted a dinner party this month and he was LOVING being around all the guests! Still super into books and toys as well!


Crawling! He is so fast and is scooting all over the place! We also started introducing foods — mainly organic fruit and veggie purees that we make at home. He also sat in the baby seat of the cart at Trader Joe’s and loved being able to watch all of the customers around us shop!


He has also been trying to hold his own bottle — this is hit or miss, depending on how full /heavy it is at the time. :)

Fletcher is really noticing when one of us leaves the room now and usually protests until we reappear.


Special Memories:
Sitting in the front seat of the cart was a fun experience! I also showed him a little talking / animated bunny at Barnes & Noble and he went crazy over it! The little bunny said “hello baby! peek-a-boo is fun with you!” while flapping its ears and he about lost his mind with excitement! It was the cutest thing ever.


He visited the dentist to get his teeth checked! We just love Dr. Amy!

We also went to his cousin Becca’s first dance recital — Fletcher enjoyed the music and watching Becca and her classmates in their performance.


His jeans finally fit him and it was so cute to see him wearing them with a long-sleeved pocket tee the other day!


Another trip to IKEA and MOA, lots of Costco trips, his book club each week, church, etc.


He continues to enjoy going on stroller rides to the local sports field to watch kids play lacrosse, soccer, and football in the evenings!