What's Up Wednesday #16

I’m linking up for What’s Up Wednesday today! The last time I did one of these posts was in March!


What we’re eating this week:
With this chilly weather, I’ve been enjoying one of my favorite soups and avocado toast for lunch each day.


I’ve also been prepping my veggie bucket each week so I have easy snacks on hand when we are heading out the door!


What I’m reminiscing about:
Last week I was organizing all of our photos from when Fletcher was born up until now and watching videos / seeing photos of him as a teeny tiny newborn made me realize how fast the time has gone!


Also, yesterday Fletcher and I met up with my bestie for a PSL and it was so nice to sit outside on the Starbucks patio, enjoy one of my favorite drinks, and chat about everything under the sun! I’m already wishing we could do that again today! :)


What I’m loving:
This weather! Seriously, it could not get any better. I’ve also been back in the habit of diffusing essential oils and it makes me wonder why I ever got out of this habit because it makes such a difference! Lately I’ve been diffusing thieves on our main level and a combo of lavender + cedar wood at night before bed.

What we’ve been up to:
So many things! We recently made some changes to our commitments and routines — something that has been a long time coming. I’ve also been working really hard to identify “pain points” in our day to day lives and then working to improve or eliminate them. For example, making sure the dishwasher is emptied and reloaded before going to bed each night so that we don’t wake up to a kitchen sink full of dishes and nowhere to put them. I’ve also started the habit of vacuuming every Sunday evening and have noticed that it really gets our week off to a great start — it sounds so simple, but it’s just one of those things that makes such a huge difference and immediately makes your house feel all clean and tidy.

What I’m dreading:
My foot has been hurting and I made an appointment with a podiatrist for next week — feet / toes gross me out so I am not looking forward to this appointment at all!


What I’m working on:
Sleep training with Fletcher — we are working on getting on a consistent bedtime and nap schedule. I’ve noticed such a difference since starting this!

I’ve also been working on swapping out all of our household items for toxic-free versions. Cleaners, makeup, toiletries, etc. I can write a post on this if anyone is interested.

What I’m excited about:
At the beginning of the summer, I committed to working out 5 days per week. For the majority of the summer I have followed through with this goal — some weeks were better than others but each week I did 3 strength training sessions and typically two long walks. I’m excited about this new routine I’ve created and honestly look forward to each workout!

What I’m listening to:
I’ve really been enjoying Nancy Ray’s new podcast, Work & Play.

What I’m watching or reading:
I’ve been getting back into reading this month after a long hiatus during what felt like our busiest summer ever. I have a book review post that I will post soon!

I’d also like to cull through my blog subscriptions and tidy them up — removing ones that I don’t love and adding in a few new ones. If you have any suggestions for blogs that you love, please share them!

As far as watching goes, I haven’t been watching much tv but I am so excited for all of my fall shows to return in just a few weeks!


What I’m wearing:
I’ve been living in my favorite white denim all summer long. Also, with this great weather as we segway into fall, I’ve been pulling out some of my fall sweaters and cardigans as well. It’s been fun to pull out all of Fletcher’s fall clothes as well!

What I am doing this weekend:
We are hosting a family lunch, enjoying the extra day off, and getting excited for all things fall (especially the fact that Halloween candy will officially be on the store shelves).

What I am looking forward to next month:
All of the fall activities with my boys! I’m going to join Sarah and Emily’s Fall Linkup so I’ll be sure to share our fall bucket list next week!


What else is new:
Fletcher has been crawling all over the place and eating a lot of new foods — it’s been so fun to experience these new milestones with him!


We also celebrated Andy’s birthday this past weekend by going out for dinner and dessert!

What’s one of your favorite memories from this past month?
Favorite fall drink?