Weekending Vol. 1

What a great weekend it has been! I feel like we accomplished a lot in the last couple days, which always feels really nice before starting another busy week!


Andy and I met up for a super quick lunch break on Friday and it was fun to break away from work for a bit to enjoy some froyo from our favorite shop!

After work, we hung out with Fletcher for a bit and then he ended up going to bed earlier than usual due to his recent nap strike. I did a quick workout and then Andy and I had great plans to make homemade popcorn and watch a movie in our loft. However, we both ended up falling asleep ten minutes into it — we were both so exhausted from the week!


On Saturday morning, I headed out to meet a friend for coffee — we met in the neighborhood where we used to live and it was crazy to see how much had changed since we lived there last summer.

Once I got home, I made lunch, hung out with the boys, and folded a ton of laundry. Laundry is one of those chores that always makes me feel super productive once it is done! Ideally, we do a load every other day or so, but this week has been so crazy, so we ended up having three loads worth on Saturday.

I had a pedicure appointment later that afternoon and it was scheduled with my favorite nail tech, which is always a treat. It was fun to catch up with her and it always feels so great to walk out with fresh toes! I went with my usual light pink!


Afterwards, I swung by the co-op for a few things and then picked up Chick-Fil-A for dinner before heading home to see Andy and Fletcher.


Later that evening, we made an ice cream run — Fletcher was eyeing our treats the whole time.


We also swung by HomeGoods, but didn’t find anything that we were looking for — our new office furniture was delivered while I was at my pedicure appointment, so we were searching for a lamp, some plants, and some decor items.


We also made a quick stop at Home Depot so that we could purchase the necessary hardware for hanging some artwork.

While Andy was looking for the parts he needed, Fletcher and I breezed through the outdoor garden center and took pictures of plants that I want to add to our landscaping next year.


The next morning we were up bright and early for the first service at church. Fletcher ended up falling asleep on Andy during the service which was the complete opposite of last week when he was climbing all over us the entire time, ha ha. We ate breakfast at church (they have an awesome spread each week and we both ordered fresh-made waffles with fruit and whipped cream) — it really hit the spot! We ran into a couple of Andy’s friends on our way out, and then headed to Costco to grab our groceries for the week.


Fletcher always loves visiting Costco because there is so much to look at — people, lights, toys, books, etc.


Here’s our haul for the week! The rest of Sunday was spent meal prepping, baking banana bread, cleaning, and working out!

Favorite part of your weekend?
What colors of nail polish do you usually gravitate towards?