Life Lately Vol. 10

July was such a busy month for us — it felt like it flew by so quickly, but at the same time, the 4th of July feels like forever ago!


We are still attending Fletcher’s book club on the regular and he is loving it so much!


It’s hard to tell what he enjoys more — the actual storytime / music or just watching the other kids that attend with him. Either way, it is so cute to see him experience this event each time we attend!


Speaking of Fletcher, we started him on a few foods — so far he has had cherries, applesauce, bananas, spinach, and grapes. I picked up some sweet potatoes and avocados for him to try this week as well! So far, he has enjoyed everything!


The other day, BLTs sounded so good so I picked up the ingredients and we made some with turkey bacon for dinner! They hit the spot and although they aren’t really something we think to make often, I think they will be in our regular rotation for the rest of the summer!


Lately, Andy and I have been meeting at Starbucks once a week for a little midday break while we are at work since our offices are so close to one another. It’s a quick break but I swear, getting away from the computer for even just ten minutes helps so much with my creativity and productivity!


My sister and I recently attended the local library book sale, which is where we snag the majority of our kids’ books! You can usually walk out with a big stack for less than $10, which is awesome. This year, we stopped by a local bakery afterwards for a little treat before parting ways.


Last weekend, Andy and I swung by a local coffee shop for a little date after church since Fletcher was contently sleeping in his carseat.


We sat outside and Fletcher snoozed on the porch next to us. Sometimes the most simple and impromptu dates are the very best!


We’ve also enjoyed playing our favorite card game at our dining room table on Friday evenings after dinner — Fletcher always likes to be held while we play and it’s so funny to watch him study and grab the cards in our hands.

What have you been up to lately?