A Better Option: Soap

I’ve alluded to the fact that we have been in the process of swapping out a lot of our products for better options as we try to reduce the toxins in our home. Some of the ways that we have made progress in these areas include purchasing air-purifying plants, switching to a primarily organic diet (I’ll write a post on this because it’s a lot easier / cheaper than most think), making our own household cleaning solutions, and choosing better beauty / personal products.


One of the easiest swaps we have recently made involves making our own soap. As I mentioned in a previous post, this sounds so Little House on the Prairie-ish, but it’s so simple, cheap, and fun since we get to choose the scents!

This all started when I was talking to Fletcher’s pediatrician (we love her so much not only for her vast medical knowledge and kind heart but also because she provides a holistic approach to wellness that is in alignment with the way we choose to live). I was asking her about the best options for shampoo + body wash for babies and she listed off a few such as this brand and this one.

She also mentioned that you can make your own using Castile soap — this intrigued me, so a couple of months ago, Fletcher and I headed to our local co-op to chat with a lady that works in the health + wellness department. Thirty minutes later, we were out the door with a bottle of this soap concentrate along with an Amazon Prime order for some dispensers.

To make our own soap, I just fill the dispensers about 85 - 90 percent of the way with water and then add the Castile soap. You can add more / less soap concentrate depending on how “sudsy” you want your end product to be. Then, I added a few drops of essential oils (we love the Young Living brand) to add a scent. Then I give the dispenser a slight shake / swirl to mix it all together and it’s good to go!

I originally purchased this unscented baby version at our local co-op but then saw that Costco offers a two-pack of the peppermint-scented version for a much better price. It’s also available on Amazon.

I add a few drops of lavender to Fletcher’s, use lemon for our kitchen soap, and then usually grapefruit for our bathrooms.

As far as dispensers go, we use these glass ones for the kitchen sink and for Fletcher’s shampoo + body wash and these BPA-free plastic ones for all of our bathrooms and in the shower.

This has been such an easy and inexpensive way to wash your hands / body while avoiding all kinds of unnecessary chemicals and fragrances.

I plan to continue to do posts like these as a wellness theme here and there — next time I’ll share how we make our own household cleaning products that actually work!

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Do you use essential oils?
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