November Goals

I must say, these monthly goal-setting posts are one of my favorites. I'm naturally a driven individual, so intentionally choosing a handful of goals to complete each month really makes me feel like I've had a productive month! 

Before I chat about my goals for the month of November (which I'm really excited about since many of them are holiday-related), let's take a look at my goals from last month!

1. Go to the Gym 3x / Week
I did fairly well on this! I felt like I was fighting a cold last week (and it didn't win -- essential oils and Emergen-C for the win!), so I didn't push myself, but otherwise I've been going regularly! I just wrote a post about my fitness routine yesterday, so be sure to check it out if you missed it! 

2. Bake an Apple Recipe
Done! My nieces and I baked this apple cake together two weekends ago! 

3. Take New Headshots
This one didn't happen -- our fall has been so strange. First it was super hot, then really windy, and then on Friday we had snow. If we have a random nice day in November, I'll try to get these taken outside, but with our weather, you never know!

4. Start Thinking about Christmas Shopping
I have my list of gifts completely finished! Now I just need to do the actual shopping, which will be addressed in my November goals below.

5. More Time with Friends
I went out to dinner with my auntie this month, but otherwise didn't do much with friends other than seeing my little crew at my small group and my class at church. Things look a little more promising for November -- I have a dinner with my auntie again, a HH with friends, and a Chex mix making day with my sister + her littles all on the calendar!

1. Finish all of our Christmas shopping and wrapping by December 1st

I really want to enjoy the Christmas season this year rather than running around from mall to mall in frigid temps, so I have high hopes of crossing this one off my list.

2. Design, Address, and Send Christmas Cards
We've never sent Christmas cards but we've always talked about doing it. This is going to be the year! I'm planning to start on the illustrations for our card this weekend.

3. New Thanksgiving Recipe
I'd really like to take a stab at a new recipe to bring as a side dish or dessert to Thanksgiving this year. I've got my eye on this one, this one, or this one.


4. Add to My Wishlist
I have a wishlist that I add to here and there, but I like to update it before the holidays since Andy usually browses it for ideas before heading out to do some Christmas shopping.

5. Get My Rings Cleaned + Inspected
I like to get my rings cleaned regularly and have them inspected twice per year to keep them in tip top shape -- especially after losing a diamond last spring! 

What's something you accomplished in October?
What are you most looking forward to this month?