Lost + Found Diamond

Earlier this week, I headed downtown for a client meeting -- it was rainy and unfortunately a lot of the parking ramps in the area were full. I parked a few blocks away from my destination and set out on foot to head to the office. Just as I was about to walk through the revolving door of the building, I straightened my rings because I felt them slipping. I realized that my ring felt weird so I glanced down to find that one of the diamonds was completely gone! 

Luckily it wasn't the main stone, but it was one of the medium-sized diamonds on either side of my princess-cut center stone. Since I had a meeting to attend, there wasn't much time to panic; I texted Andy and my best friend and rushed up the elevator to my meeting. Once the meeting wrapped up, I flew out of there to hurry back to search my vehicle. I gave up on looking on the streets for it because I had covered multiple blocks while commuting on foot just an hour earlier.

There was no sign of the diamond in my vehicle, so I immediately took a detour on the way home and swung by my jeweler's shop. All I can say is, thank goodness for a lifetime warranty, because the missing stone was completely covered! I filled out some paperwork, dropped off my ring, and headed home for the evening. 

Later that night, I tried to relax by watching a show while eating dinner and then headed to bed. However, I was still feeling disappointed that I had lost my original diamond!

The next morning, when I went to go make the bed, I noticed something on my side of the bed. THERE WAS MY DIAMOND, RIGHT ON MY BED SHEET. I couldn't even believe it! I called my jeweler to see if they had started my ring repairs yet and since they hadn't, I dropped the diamond off at the repair shop later that evening.

I'm still in shock that I actually found the missing diamond! Seriously, what are the chances of that?!

Ever lost something important?
Did you ever find it again?