Week Wrap Up

This week has been another full one! I've had a few days off in between freelance projects, so I've been soaking up the downtime on these beautiful summer days! 

On Monday, I met up with my sister and her little girls for a morning walk at the aboretum -- they have a treehouse exhibit up and my toddler niece really enjoyed it! 

Our trip to the arboretum was fairly short, because I had to head to a dental appointment later that morning. Going to the dentist is one of my least-favorite things ever -- the sounds, sensations, and just teeth in general freak me out. I had chipped off a small piece of my tooth twice in one month, so I decided to go back to my former dentist to have it taken care of. Long story short, the outer part of the enamel had worn away in one area, which is why that area was more vulnerable. We switched dentists when we moved to the other side of the cities, but I felt more comfortable going to see the dentist that I knew and trusted. If you're local, Dr. Derrick Veneman is THE VERY BEST; I'd highly recommend him.

After all of the teeth drama, I rewarded myself by eating ice cream for lunch. One of the perks of being an adult. ;) The entire right side of my face was totally numb from the procedure, so eating this was quite an interesting endeavor. I couldn't even breathe out of the right side of my nose -- such a weird sensation! 

Later that afternoon, I worked on a few illustration projects, and then headed out for a walk. After a quick stroll through the neighborhood, I met up with Andy to read by the lake. This was super relaxing and it was so nice to be able to sit so close to the shoreline -- this will definitely be a regular occurance for me this summer! 


The next morning, my sister picked me up and we headed to the outlet mall for some shopping. She suggested that we swing by Dunkin' Donuts on the way, and of course I can't say no to that! 

We shopped around for a good chunk of the morning / early afternoon before heading back home. I found a pair of Nikes for Andy, since we couldn't find any last weekend, along with a couple basic v-neck tees from Gap. My daily uniform is basically distressed skinny jeans, basic v-neck tees, and a Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. It's simple and is easy to dress up or down depending on the shoes and jewelry. 

Wednesday morning started out with a quick 4.5 mile run on a local trail before heading back home to start my day. I wanted to make a good dent in a few design / illustration projects that I've been working on, so the majority of my day was spent working on those. Originally, I had planned to meet up at the pool over lunch with my friend, Jen, but the afternoon ended up getting away from me. 

Later that afternoon, I headed over to Barnes & Noble to do some research for an upcoming project. B&N will always be one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon! 

Afterwards, I headed over to Kona Grill, which I always want to call "Kona Brew", since that is the name of one of my favorite restaurants in Oahu! I met up with four of my girlfriends for a happy hour and it felt so good to catch up with them since it had been awhile since we've seen each other. My friend, Kacie, brought her 2.5 week old daughter and she is the cutest little thing! 

Once we parted ways, I breezed through Costco to grab some essentials for the week before heading back home to hang out with Andy.

It's a rainy / stormy morning over here -- which is perfect for working on some freelance projects from home! Have a great day!

What's one of your favorite places to spend an afternoon?
Favorite outlet store?
Nike and J.Crew are mine!