Getting Ready Before the Wedding

I missed you guys yesterday! Andy and I went out with my friend Colleen's family + the bridesmaids after Allie & Christian's wedding, and didn't get home until after midnight after Monday's wedding. I was gone all day yesterday, but I'm back in action today with a recap of the girls getting ready before Allie's wedding! 


We all met at Root Salon in St. Paul around 9am for breakfast, hair, and makeup! The stylists laid out this cute little spread of pastries and mimosas for us.

Once everyone arrived, we all headed downstairs for updos -- how cool is the interior of this salon?! I loved the exposed brick walls! 

Allie and Colleen were up first, so the rest of us mixed up some mimosas and sat nearby to watch and chat with all of the girls. 

I loved Allie's bridal updo! She chose a fancy side pony to balance out her one-shouldered wedding dress and it turned out so well.

After her updo, Allie moved upstairs to makeup -- she looked absolutely stunning! 

Downstairs, the rest of us were getting all glammed up for the wedding! 

I loved this part of our day since it allowed us to spend more time together! I haven't seen these two girls in two years! 

Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous all done up with fancy hair and makeup! 

Once we were all prettied up, the reality of the day started to seep in! We were all so excited by this point! 

I just love this group of girls so much -- we all live in six different states but meeting up again felt like no time has passed between us. 

Once we wrapped up at the salon, we headed to a little cafe down the street for a quick lunch before heading over to the wedding location to change and get ready for pictures! 

Once we arrived at the wedding location, we quickly changed into our bridesmaids dresses, put on jewelry, and got ready to help Allie into her dress! Colleen brought her portable speaker and had a wedding day playlist going and it really helped set the mood! 

Allie's dress was so beautiful and it was so special to see her all dressed up and ready to go! 

One last touch-up before wedding party and family photos! 

My last picture with Allie as a single girl! She looked so beautiful for her wedding day! I'm so happy for her as she starts this next chapter of her life with Christian by her side.

Been to any weddings recently?
Favorite part about being in a wedding?