Parade of Homes

On Friday night, we headed out for a walk around the lake to take advantage of the gorgeous evening outside!


It was cool, sunny, and a little breezy -- which is perfect weather for walking outside! 


While walking around the lake, we spotted this huge eagle just perched on the corner of a building nearby -- it was so funny to see how many people stopped in their tracks to take pictures of it.


We also grabbed a quick ice cream cone while we were out and about because sometimes a McDonald's cone just hits the spot.


After making our way around the lake, we headed to Costco to grab a few groceries before heading home to eat a late dinner. We ended up tossing this organic chopped vegetable and barley soup in the cart on a whim (I usually buy this soup each week) and it ended up being the best decision! We had some for dinner once we got home that evening and have eaten some for almost every lunch and dinner this weekend as well. It's so good -- especially when paired with some fresh sourdough bread! 


The next day, I was up bright and early for my small group! We took a break over the summer and as of this past Saturday, we are officially back in session. I picked up donuts on the way over to my friend Jen's house and it was so nice to catch up while sipping coffee! We'll dive into our new book the next time that we meet and I'm really looking forward to the discussions that arise from our reading! 


Later that afternoon, we headed out for some Parade of Homes! We've been attending Parade of Homes for so many years and always feel like the fall POH is the best, so we were super excited for it to begin this past weekend! 


It's always so fun taking a peek inside of these gorgeous homes! 


This house was our favorite of the day -- we love the black-trimmed windows on white houses look! 


We always love homes with a light and airy feel to them, and this one did not disappoint! 


Andy and I both really like architecture, so it's always fun to check that out -- along with scoping out interior design ideas for when we purchase our first home! 


This basement in this home was so well-designed -- it didn't have a basement feel to it at all and just felt like another living room! The large windows brought in so much extra light and really made the space work! 


I was obsessed with this hallway! I love the floor and lighted built-in's -- what a fun way to jazz up an ordinary hallway! 


Also, it was super fun to zip around in our new car as we drove from house to house! We are loving this new ride so much! 


After Parade of Homes, we had to run a few errands and also swung by a little festival that was going on in the area -- I was super excited about it, but then realized it was a beer festival, so I soon lost interest. I've never been a fan of beer and am much more of a wine person.

Sunday was the usual shenanigans -- went for a walk, did a bunch of laundry, and relaxed at home. I met up with my aunt later that evening for a coffee date and then spent the rest of the evening watching a movie before calling it a night.

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Favorite place to grab an ice cream cone? We love Sebastian Joe's! 
Ever been to Parade of Homes?