Friday Favorites #12

Cheers to the weekend! I'm heading out for a quick hair trim during lunch and then it's our weekly date night this evening! Our cool streak is over and we're expecting to hit almost 90* today so I'm thinking we'll probably stick to an indoor date night to beat the heat! As always, I'm linking up to share some favorites from the week! 


I made this little handlettered card for my niece's first birthday and I love how it turned out! As a designer, I think it's so important to have creative hobbies outside of your job. Lettering is something that I've always enjoyed and it's so fun to be able to use this talent as gifts for others! 


I picked up some of this yogurt recently and had a hankering for something sweet after lunch the other day so I topped it with some dark chocolate chunks. Oh my gosh, it was the best little post-lunch sweet treat! I'd highly recommend this combo! The yogurt has a hint of cream cheese flavor and there's a swirl of pumpkin throughout the yogurt cup.

We just received the study guide to our new book club book, so we are excited to start that this coming week! Andy and I do a "book club" every Monday night and I'm excited to reread this book with Andy (my small group went through this book series last spring).

1 (2).jpg

The other night, Andy was teaching his design class, so I enjoyed a cozy evening by myself. I lit my favorite fall candle, bounced You've Got Mail to our Apple TV, and made some homemade popcorn. Once in awhile, a solo evening like this is so refreshing! 

Speaking of movies, last fall, my friend Rox got me hooked on the JonBenet Ramsey documentary that revealed new information about the case. Sime I'm a huge fan of cold case / investigative documentaries, I was ALL over that. I came across a (newish) made for TV movie with updates on the case and watched that the other evening. I'd recommend it if you've been following the JonBenet Ramsey case after all of these years! 


With our recent cold snap (we're back in the high 80s + humidity now), some of the leaves on the trees have started changing colors! Noticing these was definitely a favorite from my week! 

I'd really love to purchase a plaid shirt (or two) for this upcoming fall season -- I've always leaned more towards gingham than plaid, but lately I've seen so many cute ones! 

I picked these soups up on a whim last week, and while I'm not usually a fan of canned soups (hello, sodium and chemicals), these ones had clean ingredients and came in BPA-free cans. The tomato one was really good, and this butternut squash apple bisque one was amazing! I'd love to take a stab at creating my own version of it at home -- it's the perfect blend of fall flavors! 

What's the weather like where you live?
What's on your agenda this weekend?