Date Night at The Galleria

On Friday evening, we headed out for our weekly date night! It was super humid out and by this point -- we're (okay, probably just me) so over the heat so we decided to head to the Galleria (a local upscale mall) for the evening. 


We walked throughout the shopping center -- stopping by a few of our favorite stores to browse around. This Vineyard Vines shop opened last fall and it has easily become one of my favorite stores -- their preppy style is my favorite! 


I snapped this pic to add to my wishlist -- doesn't this pullover look so cute and cozy for fall / winter? I've been using a wishlist on Pinterest for years and it has been so helpful! Andy always asks what I want for Christmas / birthday but I'd always draw a blank! Having a wishlist year-round makes it easy to add items (I add the links and sizes / colors to the pin as well).

I'm typing this blog post up on Sunday morning and after posting this photo, I headed over the the Vineyard Vines website to see what the rest of their recent collection looks like and came across the cutest items! Check out this adorable clutch, this cute off the shoulder dress, and this sleeveless top! 


As designers, we both enjoy browsing through the Papyrus store! I was mesmerized by these little music boxes. They all were so intricate and played music as parts of them would move -- these would be such a fun gift for a new little baby.


We also checked out all of the design within the store -- you know you're a creative when you snap pictures of lettering and wrapping paper patterns to use as inspiration for your work.


After spending way too much time in Papyrus, we headed down the hallway to Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I feel like so many people love PB, but I'm definitely more on team RH due to it's more contemporary / slightly modern (for lack of better words) feel.


After RH, we headed over to Crate & Barrel, which is another favorite of ours. Browsing around at furniture / decor stores has me itching to move into our new house! Hopefully this spring! 


We ended our evening at the newly-renovated Barnes & Noble!


They recently reopened featuring a fresh and modern look, which makes it even more fun to browse around! They also removed the Starbucks and added a restaurant instead! 


We both browsed around for awhile and then ended up in one of their reading areas to read for a bit. Andy flipped through a few design magazines while I dove headfirst into this book.


On our way out, I came across this book of logic puzzles and it instantly brought a smile to my face. As a lover of logic / strategy, I used to be obsessed with these puzzles when I was younger! As I'm typing up this blog post, I'm kind of kicking myself for not purchasing that book! I'm thinking it would be perfect for tucking into my carry-on bag for our next vacation!

Also, I'm getting every last wear out of my favorite shorts before we transition into full-on cold weather gear over here! Shorts / Necklace / Cuff (similar)

I was originally planning to recap our time at the street fair on Saturday and our Sunday funday adventures, but this post is getting super long, so I'll split those into another post this week.

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How would you describe your decorating style?
I like contemporary, while Andy likes modern -- the interior of our new house will most likely combine the two!