Friday No. 22

1. Things have been quiet at work this week, so I decided to leave early yesterday and take today off. As I turned into our neighborhood, I noticed a few garage sale signs so I figured I'd swing by since we live near a lot of young families. I'm normally not a second-hand kind of person but I figured with how much babies spit up and poop, it'd be nice to have lots of clothes that we're okay with tossing if they get ruined. I ended up lucking out because they had tons of like-new size 0-3 month clothes -- I got a whole bag full of onesies and pants for $2.50. Cha-ching.

2. After typing up that little story above, I'm realizing we really need to announce the gender because then I can start showing pics of little baby's gear! We didn't end up purchasing an outfit for a gender reveal last weekend, but we did purchase a crib! I'm so excited to set that up together this weekend! 

3. Our weather has totally flipped to fall and to say I'm loving it is the understatement of the year. Windows are open, booties are on my feet, and long sleeves are being worn! Speaking of which, I really need to pick up some maternity items for fall -- I'd love to add a few sweaters, long-sleeved tees, and another cardigan to my closet as the temps get cooler. I've got my eye on this shirt and would love to find a cute vest like this to pair it with! I'm also thinking these might have to come home with me soon because my favorite Lulus are getting a little uncomfortable in the waistband! 

4. Since I have the day off, I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my sister and her girls, restocking our fridge, baking pumpkin bread for our neighborhood block party tomorrow, and having a movie night with Andy tonight. I'm also hoping to spend some time reading out on our porch or deck since it's is going to be 70 and clear skies!

5. I caved and ordered this earlier in the week because my lower back has been killing me. One night in and I quickly realized why this has such a cult-like following. Game-changer! 

What are your weekend plans? My small group starts up tomorrow and we're also going to hit some Parade of Home throughout the weekend! 
Last thing you ordered off of Amazon?

Friday No. 21

1. I seriously keep forgetting that this weekend is Labor Day -- I'm really looking forward to having an extra day off on Monday since we have a few things on the agenda that we'd like to accomplish! We need a dining room table and are thinking of shopping around this weekend to see if there are any good Labor Day sales going on! We'd also like to shop for a cute little outfit for our baby so we can do a gender announcement next week -- I think I'm looking forward to this part of the weekend the most! 


2. Last night I decided to pick up dinner for Andy as a surprise since it was his first night of his fall semester design class that he teaches. On the way there, I decided to pick up Starbucks for both of us as well! I ordered my PSL and a mocha for Andy and was all excited to sit out on the deck and read my book while sipping my latte when I realized (once I was almost home) that I forgot to order it as decaf! I did what any normal person would do and called Starbucks to explain my mistake -- the barista said it was no big deal and to just come back another day, explain what happened, and they would make a new drink for me. Best customer service ever! 

3. After glancing at the calendar this morning, I realized that I need to sit down and dedicate some time to baby shower details this weekend -- October is going to be coming up fast and I want to get invitations out, registries completed, and food / decorations nailed down.

4. Speaking of registries -- I started one of ours the other night and there are so many options! Time to get down to business researching things like strollers and car seats! 

5. Other than that, other items on the weekend's agenda include steaming and hanging up our new shower curtain in the kid / guest bathroom, wrapping my niece's birthday gift, and watching our two nieces tomorrow night. This will be our first time watching them at our new house and I'm so excited to bake, walk to the park, and have a movie night with them! 

What are your weekend plans?
Any tips for baby registries OR recommendations for must-have baby items?

Friday Favorites #18

Happy Friday! We're heading up to Andy's sister's house tonight for a family dinner but otherwise we don't really have any plans this weekend! I'm linking up today to share some Friday Favorites! 


The other night, I met up with a friend for a coffee date. I arrived a little early, and it was so nice to sit outside on the patio and read my latest ebook for a bit. I ended up staying up way too late last night to finish the book and it was SO creepy! Definitely a little out there but worth a read if you like suspenseful thrillers!


I've tried Larabars in the past and wasn't really a fan; however, I've recently given them another chance and found three flavors that I really enjoy: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Coconut Chocolate Chip, and Mint Chip Brownie! I usually pop them in the fridge for a bit and then eat them -- for some reason, I like them better when they're a little chilled.


While at the Mall of America with my bestie the other day, we popped into Barnes & Noble to find birthday gifts for two of her brothers. While she was looking around in the kids section, I browsed for a bit and came across two of the cutest books -- ever since I was a kid, I've always loved books and still love kids' books even to this day. 


Don't these books look so cute?! I just love the illustration styles on both of them.


I came across these "lemonade" apples while grocery shopping not too long ago so I tossed one in the cart to give it a whirl. They were so good and had a light citrus-y flavor to them -- would definitely purchase these again! 

What's one thing you're looking forward to this weekend?
Favorite snack bar?


Friday Favorites #17

It has been such a good week this past week! We've had projects flying out the door at work and I'm so happy with how they're looking. This weekend we have ZERO plans and I'm so excited about it after being so busy the past few weekends. 

I typically write the majority of my blog posts on the weekend since my weeknight evenings are always so full (gym, friends, running errands, etc.), so my Friday Favorites posts don't always get written since they require content from the week! Since it's been awhile, I've got a whole host of favorites to share with you guys! As usual, I'm linking up for this! 

This necklace + earrings set that Andy gave me for our anniversary have been on heavy rotation! I love the pretty colored stone and I have found that it matches so many different outfits. 

I've been trying to diffuse essential oils each evening when we're home -- my current favorite oil is Christmas Spirit! I also have been enjoying Tangerine and it's making me so excited for purchasing and eating many bags of clementines this winter!

I started this book last weekend and loved it! It started out a little slow, but definitely picked up with each passing chapter. 

This past week has been filled with productivity after work! I booked my hair appointments for the holidays before my stylist books up and I'm really looking forward to having fresh hair for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! I also had my rings cleaned and inspected, which was one of my goals for the month. Along with that, I am also finished with my Christmas shopping except for Andy's stocking stuffers and I dropped off a pile of clothes at the tailor's for repair. I feel so on top of things now that all of these items are completed and off of my to-do list.

These Milky Way Caramels are one of my new favorite candies -- I've realized that the only candy bars I really like are ones that involve a lot of caramel or coconut. These, along with 100 Grand bars are my all-time faves! Okay, and Almond Joy / Mounds bars -- can you tell that it was just Halloween?! Fun fact, I stash most of my candy in the freezer (and eat it frozen) -- my sister got me hooked on this when we were younger and I haven't looked back since! Anyone else?

We're designing our Christmas cards this weekend and I am so excited about it! I plan to grab a holiday drink from Starbucks, cozy up, and finish all of the illustrations by Sunday evening!

What's been a favorite from your week?
Favorite candy bar?

Friday Favorites #16

Friday Favorites are coming at you on a Saturday this week! This past week has been SO full and I can't wait to share more about it but for now, let's chat about some of my favorites from the week! 

Since it's been such a crazy week, today is going to consist of hitting the gym, running a few errands (we desperately need groceries!), a pedicure, and a haircut! We also might be heading out on our weekly date this evening since we didn't go last night! I'm really looking forward to picking up a Starbucks and then having a relaxing afternoon at the spa -- it is much needed! 


October is definitely our best month in Minnesota and we have reached the peak of fall foliage, crisp mornings, and sunny afternoons. It's been the absolute best and I've been soaking it all in by taking lots of walks around the lake after work!


I'm still obsessed with that tea I found the other day and am contemplating buying a tin now that it's marked down 50% due to the Teavana stores beginning to close. I enjoyed this while browsing around Nordstrom in search on an anniversary gift for Andy. Our anniversary is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to going out to celebrate with him! 


While browsing the mall, I swung by Williams Sonoma on my way out. I just love visiting this store around the holidays -- it's so inspiring to see all of their beautiful tablescapes. They also had their signature spiced apple cider on tap for sampling and it was amazing, of course!


Earlier in the week, I decided I wanted to add another pair of skinny denim to my closet since a lot of my jeans have a lot of distressing which can sometimes be a little chilly in the winter months! While searching for jeans, I couldn't help but try on this adorable quilted downtown field jacket while I was there! I ended up going with this pair of denim; they didn't have my size in the store, so I'm excited for them to arrive on my doorstep next week! 


I've been on a frozen mixed berries kick for the last 2-3 weeks and have a bowl of them over some plain greek yogurt (with a swirl of pure maple syrup for some sweetness) or cottage cheese. It's the perfect before bed tv-watching snack! 

Where do you buy jeans? I almost always get mine at Nordstrom and J.Crew!
Favorite tv-watching snack?