February Goals

Is it just me or was January a bit of a struggle? I'm SO excited for this new month and am looking forward to the fresh start that the beginning of a month brings.

I did okay with my January goals, but didn't knock them out of the park like I would have liked to. I'm going to whip through them quickly and then jump over to my February goals.

1. Make Time for a Solo Date Each Week
I did pretty well with this -- most of my solo dates were spent at home since it's been so cold out, but one night per week while Andy was a the gym, I either read or watching a show that I enjoy while painting my nails.

2. New Lunch Ideas
I came up with a new idea for lunch and it has been on heavy rotation. I mix organic frozen cauliflower rice with fresh lime juice and taco seasoning and put it in a bowl. Then I add sautéed fajita veggies (peppers and onions), avocado, black beans, olives, fresh tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream. It's kind of like a healthier version of a burrito bowl and it's definitely been a new favorite of mine! 

3. Start a Pinboard with Interior Design Ideas
I started this but didn't get too far -- you may view my home inspiration board here. 

4. Find a Signature Lipstick
Didn't get to this goal -- I'll put this on the backburner and it will most likely pop up on a monthly goals post sometime in the future.

5. Make All of My Annual Appointments
Done! I also went to the gyno and eye appointments this month -- it felt so good to get those knocked out right away.

February Goals:

1. Stock our vehicles, my work bag, and gym bag with snacks.
I feel like I keep running into the issue of being out and about with a lack of snacks. I plan to stock up on some bars this month and then distribute them in different areas so that I have snacks nearby whenever necessary.

2. Meditate Each Morning
This always seems to be an ongoing goal for me -- I get into a routine with it, but once I fall out of routine, it's always so hard to get back into it each morning. I use the Calm app on my iPhone and really like it since there are so many options to choose from.

3. Focus on Being Present
I'd like to get in the habit of plugging my phone in on my nightstand when I arrive home in the evenings to let myself fully unplug from the day.

4. Apply Cuticle Oil Daily
I bought some last month but keep forgetting to apply it -- I'd love to make this part of my evening routine to keep my cuticles in good shape.

5. Book Club with Andy
We used to be so good about sitting down together each Monday night to go through a marriage book together and I'd love to get back into the habit of this again.

What's something you accomplished in January?
What would you like to accomplish this month?