When You Don't Want to Work Out

January is here, and with that usually comes lots of New Year's Resolutions surrounding fitness and nutrition. I live a healthy and active life year round, so come January I'm not looking to get back into a routine, but sometimes trying to find motivation to go when it's 1. negative 13 degrees out and 2. the gym is filled with "January joiners" aka there's no parking, no lockers, and no machines open.


I'm really thankful that fitness is something that comes naturally to me -- I feel my best when I move a little each day. Coupled with clean eating (and some treats thrown in for good measure), I feel like my health and fitness is balanced. As much as I love working out, sometimes binge watching Grey's Anatomy sounds more enticing, so how do I stay on track even when I don't feel like it? 

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1. Be Prepared
My gym bag is packed and in the backseat of my vehicle at ALL times. This makes it so convenient to always be ready to hit the gym. In my gym bag, I have my Nikes, favorite crops, sports bra, favorite socks, and a tank. I also always have my wireless earbuds.

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2. Drive Straight to the Gym
If I go home after work, it's game over. Once I walk through my front door, the chances that I'll change clothes and go back out into the freezing cold are slim to none. I swing by the gym before going home and before I convince myself that sitting on the couch with a bowl of homemade chili sounds more enticing.

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3. Accountability
My friend Jen is a fitness fanatic like me, so we often meet at the club that's on the way home from work for both of us. Even if it's just catching up for 20 minutes while on side by side ellipticals, having that accountability makes me less likely to skip my workout that night.

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4. Try Another Location
Our Life Time membership is one that allows us to visit clubs across the cities -- sometimes just visiting a different location makes such a difference. A change of scenery is all I need sometimes, especially when you're hitting the gym multiple times each week.

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5. Make a New Playlists
Music is key for my workouts -- I always make sure my headphones are charged (and keep a backup pair in my bag just in case). Making a fresh playlist gives me an additional boost to not only make it to the gym, but to power through my workout feeling strong. I use Apple Music and love the ability to customize playlists to choose from.

How often do you work out?
How do you motivate yourself to get moving?