January Goals

This month's launch of goals is extra special because they kick off a brand new year as well! So many good things happened in 2017 such as our vacation in Arizona, our weekly date nights, starting a new job that I absolutely love, my best friend's wedding, and purchasing a new car! 

Let's recap my December goals before moving forward with my goals for January! 

1. Wear Gloves at all Times
I'd say I did this about 80% of the time, which is pretty good! Now that we're in a streak of negative temps for the daily high, I'll be wearing them whenever I'm outside -- no matter how quick the trip! 

2. Moisturize Daily
I did really well moisturizing my face and applying lip balm each evening, but didn't do so well with moisturizing after every shower.

3. Switch to a New Foundation
Done! I'll be sharing my makeup haul tomorrow!

4. Go on a Few Christmas Date Nights
Done! We attended a Christmas concert and saw The Nutcracker!

5. Have a Solo Date at Barnes & Noble
This was on my calendar and then I got the flu for the second time last week, so it's been rescheduled for this month!

So, here's the thing: one of my friends and I are doing a huge revamp of our goals / vision for the year -- we're recapping those later this week so I'll be sure to devote a whole post to that later in the month once I've organized everything by category. Below are the five goals that I'm planning on focusing on this month.

1. Make Time for a Solo Date Each Week
My friend, Gina, gave me the idea of having "Me Mondays" -- devoting one night per week to spending time by myself. I may be an extrovert, but I've found that I need one night per week alone to recharge. Being around people energizes me, but sometimes I go too far to the extreme -- booking social events almost every night and then I feel like I haven't had enough downtime.

1 (6).jpg

2. New Lunch Ideas
I'm in a food rut -- especially when it comes to lunches at work. I've been eating the same salads and veggie soups every week and girlfriend needs a change! I'm challenging myself to break out of my tried and true lunches and try a few new things this month.

3. Start a Pinboard with Interior Design Ideas
I feel like we haven't really decorated wherever we've lived and I really want to change that once we move into our new house. Paint, furniture, and decor -- bring it on! Andy and I tend to lean towards a contemporary style, so I'd love to do some more research on that so that we can create a vision and a plan for our new home. PS If we aren't already friends on Pinterest, let's connect! You may find my boards here.

4. Find a Signature Lipstick
As I approach 30 (!!) this year, this is something that I'd like to start wearing on a more regular basis. I'm planning on doing a consult with a beauty expert to see what my signature color is.

5. Make All of My Annual Appointments
Dental cleanings, gyno appt, yearly physical, and dermatologist appointments are all going to be booked and put in my new planner so that I don't have to worry about scheduling them throughout the year.

What's one thing you'd like to accomplish this month?
Do you make New Year's Resolutions?