Friday No. 25

I definitely didn’t intend to take a week off from blogging, but it’s been go-go-go between work, home projects (more on this to come), and prepping for my baby shower!

I’m linking up today to share some of the highlights from the past week or so!


1. I recently picked up this seasonal-flavored creamer while I was out grabbing groceries and love the flavor and clean ingredients list! The only thing that feels strange to me is that since it is dairy-free, it doesn’t turn your coffee that pretty creamy color like regular creamer does — this sounds so weird but it throws me off every time!

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 8.24.44 AM.png

2. Speaking of seasonal flavors, I’m really looking forward to cozying up at Starbucks with my favorite drink of the year once it is available in a couple weeks. Their gingerbread latte is hands-down, my all-time favorite coffee shop beverage.


3. Our weather this past week has been absolutely perfect — clear blue skies, crisp air, and lots of sunshine. These 50 / 60 degree days are seriously the best! I’ve been trying to soak up as much time outside as I can — one of my favorite things to do is go for a walk through our neighborhood to get a little fresh air and admire the pretty fall leaves.


4. Also on that note, my heart is just so happy to be living in this neighborhood. One of the girls invited a bunch of us over for a girls’ night last week and it just made my whole week. I feel like Ive been longing for this stage of life for so long and it feels so good to have a home, live in a family-friendly neighborhood, and have a little baby on the way! Such a sweet season of life this is!

P.S. I made this little snack mix to take over to the girls’ night and while we typically just toss peanuts and candy corn into a bowl, I decided to add M&Ms thanks to my friend Erin’s suggestion and it is life-changing! Would highly recommend it!

5. I hit 3rd trimester this week (which seriously blows my mind — this pregnancy feels like it is flying by but at the same time, I feel like it’s been forever since my pre-pregnancy days). I was browsing the web the other day and saw that the Madewell jeans that I wanted were finally back in stock so I jumped on them right away! Originally they said my size wouldn’t ship until the end of January which would defeat the purpose of maternity jeans so I was super excited to see them in stock! It looks like sizes are getting limited again, but definitely keep checking back if you’re interested in them — they have easily become my favorite pair of maternity pants and they remind me a lot of my favorite toothpick jeans that I lived in pre-pregnancy.


Alright, I am off today and have a hair appointment and some baking on the agenda before my sister comes over later tonight! My plan is to get everything except the last-minute food prep ready for the party so that tomorrow morning goes smoothly! I picked up all of the groceries for it yesterday and scored these gorgeous mums that they were practically giving away — it’s funny how fresh flowers / plants can bring such joy!

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