Pregnancy Weeks 22-25

I feel like these weeks are just flying by so quickly lately. Just next week I’ll be in the third trimester, which I’m so excited for since it means we will be in the home stretch and it involves all of my favorite holidays!

How far along: 

25 weeks (I planned to have this post up last week but things happen! I’m currently 27 weeks).

Size of Baby: 

Carton of milk! (13.5 inches)




We have an active little guy — his kicks and punches have gotten a lot stronger over the past few weeks and I’ve usually been able to guess his position based on how hard the movement is. He also rolls around a lot and has started moving in response to sounds. For example, I was walking to work the other morning and a vehicle drove by while blasting its radio and baby started moving around really quickly! Not sure if he was startled or dancing to the beat but I found it pretty funny to see how outside things affect him. I’ve also started seeing my belly move when he kicks really hard, which is so fascinating to experience.

I’ve been SO tired lately — I fall asleep fairly quickly but the mornings have been a struggle to get out of bed. I’m also up a few times each night to use the bathroom or get a drink of water — I’ve been keeping a huge cup of ice water on our bathroom counter throughout the night and I’ve found that it’s usually almost empty by the time I wake up in the morning.

Just the usual ones — achey feet, really tired, super thirsty. One thing I think I’ve forgotten to mention in past recaps is that ever since the beginning of pregnancy, I’ve had a really stuffy nose that doesn’t seem to improve no matter what — so strange! No new symptoms though!

Bump / Body:
The baby bump is officially here to stay! I feel like the bump first really appeared around 18 weeks and now it’s more defined.

Maternity Clothes: 

I’ve discovered that maternity clothes aren’t my favorite and it’s hard to find ones that fit well when you’re petite. What has been working really well for me is purchasing maternity basics (long and short-sleeved tees) and then continuing to wear my favorite jackets, vests, and cardigans. I’ve found that these favorites still fit as long as I wear them under the bump rather than keeping them high-rise as I did pre-pregnancy.


Nothing really! Been eating a lot of soups lately with all of our chilly weather though!


Still on my prenatal, folic acid, prenatal fish oil, and vitamin D. 


I’m still running 4 days or so per week and going for walks whenever it’s nice out. We’re hoping to get a treadmill next weekend so I can continue running as it gets colder outside.

Missing Most:
Kombucha and not worrying about what I’m eating in terms of “is this cooked enough?” haha.


This still has a ways to go — we did order him a crib sheet, but we definitely need to do some major decorating in there. This is going to be one of my main priorities for the month of November. We also got him a bassinet so he is all set to sleep in our room for the first couple months after he is born!

Favorite Products:

This forever and ever. I’m also still using this and so far it seems to be working really well!

Favorite Moments:

I just love when he moves around — it’s not only reassuring that he is okay, but also so fun to get a little glimpse of who he is. He moves around when we read books to him and play music and we are really looking forward to doing these things and more with him once he is born!

Can't Wait For:

Decorating the nursery and for his arrival!