Snowed In

Remember last week when I mentioned that it feels like it's been winter forever? This past weekend was no exception with a 3-day blizzard!


We've definitely had snow in April (and flurries in May!) before, but nothing like this! As of Sunday afternoon, we had almost 14 inches of snow and it was still falling at a steady rate!


The winter mix started on Friday -- first it was rain, then sleet, then hail, and finally snow! Since it was cold and icky out, a few of us ordered lunch and it hit the spot! Agra Culture is one of my favorite salad spots! 


After work, I headed home to meet Andy and we decided to brave the storm to hit the Apple store to purchase an iPad. Immediately upon arriving, we ran into Alyssa -- one of my favorite former coworkers from Life Time! We chatted for a few minutes and then tried out a few iPads.


After purchasing our iPad and an Apple Pencil, we decided to stop for dinner since we were starving by this point. I ordered a black bean veggie burger with waffle fries -- it's been awhile since I'd had something like that and it was so good! 


The storm's intensity was increasing by the time that we left -- the wind was SO crazy! 


By the next morning, there was a ton of snow on the ground and it was still coming down really hard. Purchasing the iPad the evening before ended up being a great decision because it gave me plenty of time to play around with it. I breezed through my new eBook from the library in no time at all and then downloaded another one to enjoy.


After reading for the majority of the day, I started playing around with some lettering using the Apple Pencil.


I found a few lettering worksheets to practice on top of, and then started playing around with some freehand lettering.

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday -- more reading, more lettering, etc. Cabin fever started to kick in around Saturday evening for me, but looking ahead on the weather forecast is giving me a little hope -- we should be in the upper 50s next week!

We need to get a case for our iPad -- if you have one that you'd recommend, please share below!
Are you still getting snow?