10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 9

Okay, so remember when I was going to do a linkup for these? Totally spaced on that when life got super busy! I'm thinking that might need to be a future thing, because there's a lot on our plates right now and blogging isn't always my first priority when life gets busy. :)


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1. I have always loved dance and gymnastics and could watch it all day. 

2. I don't enjoy wearing dresses -- I used to love them and I think I overdid it on them one summer at work. Jeans for life!

3. For the longest time, my favorite color was teal, but now it's definitely pink. I find this so interesting, because I'm really not a girly-girl at all, yet so many of my clothes are pink.

4. I lean towards a very proactive approach to my health and prefer to eat healthy, stay active, and get any health symptom checked out as soon as it pops up rather than waiting to see if it goes away on its own. 

5. I love running, but not in organized races -- I ran a half marathon in 2010 and will probably never run in a race ever again. Solo treadmill and outdoor runs are more of my thing! 

6. One of my favorite things ever is spontaneous plans. I love texting a friend at the last minute saying "hey, want to grab dinner?" or receiving a text that says "I'm in your neighborhood -- want to grab a coffee?" I just love the thrill / excitement of unexpected plans.

7. If a book or tv show / movie doesn't capture my attention in the beginning, I will abandon it and find something else. I'd rather invest my free time into something that is capturing my attention rather than forcing myself to sit through something that is just so-so.

8. I love eating outside on patios, but whenever we go out to eat during the winter, I always ask for a booth -- I just love the more private feeling of it verses sitting at a table out in the open! 

9. Unless it's summer time, there's a 100% chance that I'm sleeping with socks on. So many people find this quirk so odd since there are blankets on the bed, but I'm always freezing!

10. I'm abnormally sensitive to smells, tastes, and sounds and just recently discovered the reason why. More thorough blog post on this topic to come! 

What's a random fact or two about you?
Do we have any of the above in common?