A Week in the Life

I just always love these types of posts -- ones that allow a little peek into someone's everyday life. I've done "A Day in the Life" post in the past, and thought I'd switch things up a bit and do "A Week in the Life" today. The week being recapped is from a couple weeks ago, but it was a good one! I'm only recapping what I did in the evenings because during the day is just work. :)

I'm an extrovert and love having a full schedule -- until I don't. Over the past couple years, I've finally found a system that works for me -- I've come to realize that I can go-go-go all week long with something going on each night, but also need one night of ZERO plans.

Typically, I hit the gym two evenings or so during the work week and then on both Saturday and Sunday. Since this particular week involved other commitments, I only made it to the gym one of the nights. It's all about balance, right? :)


Hit the gym after work -- ran 3 miles and then walked for a bit while reading my book. Afterwards, I sat in the steam room for 10 minutes before taking a shower and heading home. Upon arriving home, I typically catch up with Andy, pack my lunch for the next day, and watch an episode of something before bed. Don't judge, but right now I'm watching an episode of Full House each night to unwind. ;) I used to LOVE that show and it feels very nostalgic to be watching it again!


I had a dinner date with my auntie on the calendar, so I headed over to The Galleria and wandered around for a bit since I had some time to kill. There was some sort of event or something going on which resulted in fresh flowers absolutely everywhere -- they were so pretty and had me itching for Spring! 


I ended up finding some Easter goodies for my little nieces, so I purchased those and then headed to Good Earth for dinner. We chatted for a couple of hours while enjoying dinner and then went our separate ways. 


This was my evening with no plans -- I swung by Ulta on the way home to grab some makeup, browsed through J. Crew Mercantile for a few minutes, and then was on my way. 


I didn't feel like making anything for dinner, so I popped into our neighborhood grocery store to pick something up. Salad bar always sounds good, so I filled a container and then headed home to relax. Upon arriving home, I worked on a blog post for a bit and then caught up on a couple shows from the week since Andy was at the gym.


Andy got us tickets for the MN Opera, which was performing at The Ordway in downtown St. Paul. I hadn't been in St. Paul since Allie's wedding, but it's definitely one of my favorite areas! 


I was so pumped to see Rigoletto, because it was a favorite childhood movie of mine; however, I quickly realized that the movie I remember as a kid and this opera were definitely not the same. 


We still had a great time though! The opera went until 10:30pm and I was more than ready for bed by the time we got home! I'm not a night owl by any means!


After work, I headed to Target to grab a few things for Easter but first sat in the parking lot of the store for 40 minutes while talking to my mom on the phone.

What's your after-work routine look like?
Do you prefer to make plans or stay home in the evenings?