The End of a Week

Sorry to disappear all last week -- there was a lot going on! This past weekend was filled with so many great things and it was just what I needed! 


On Friday evening, we had a random little HH meeting at work with our creative team before going our separate ways for the weekend. Upon arriving home, Andy suggested renting The Commuter from Redbox, so we swung by our neighborhood grocery store to grab dinner and then picked up the movie. I hit the salad bar and then got a piece of salmon from the deli for a little protein! 


The Redbox that we went to was inside of McDonald's so of course I had to grab a cone for the drive home! Also, I'm so excited for this new season so my dry and chapped hands can finally get some relief! Our winters are hard on the body! 

The next morning, I headed out bright and early to help my aunt and uncle pack up my uncle's office since he is retiring. We carried so many full boxes down two staircases out to the dumpster and it was such a good workout! It was fun to catch up with my aunt during the process as well!


Afterwards, she took me to lunch and then I swung by the grocery store on the way home.


I was starving by the time I left the store, so I broke into the box of popsicles on the drive back to our house.


After unloading all of the groceries, Andy and I walked to return the movie from the previous night, and then met our realtors at a coffee shop. We're still house hunting and wanted to meet with them to ask a few questions and get their take on a few things. It was super helpful (they are the BEST!) and we walked away feeling a bit better about the whole process. 

Later that evening, we ate dinner and I caught up on Grey's while Andy worked on a project. I fell asleep reading my book -- all that moving and sunshine wore me out! 


Sunday was super warm and sunny, so I took advantage and went on a long walk while listening to a podcast. On my way home, I texted Andy to see if he wanted to meet me at our favorite little ice cream shop -- 15 minutes later, we were enjoying cones by the lake. I didn't realize that the flavor I chose was a chocolate-based one, but it was still pretty good! It had sea salt, health, and caramel in it! 


It was so strange to see the lake half frozen and half open-water! Such a weird spring we've been having this year! 

What was the best part of your weekend? 
Favorite spot to get ice cream?