Summer Survey

I've seen this little summer survey floating around the blog world and wanted to fill it out! 

1. Walk or Bike Ride?  
I'm more of a rollerblader than a biker, but I LOVE going for walks year-round! In the summer, I usually go in the morning before it gets too hot outside.

2. Favorite Picnic Food?
Sub sandwiches or watermelon! 

3. Pool or Lake?
Definitely pool! I just can't do lakes -- something about not being able to see the bottom.


4. Favorite Flavor of ice cream? 
Oreo or Mint. I also love Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia!

5. Ice Cream Cone or in a Dish?

6. Flip Flops or Slides?
Flip flops

7. Jean Shorts or Jean Capris? 
I don't really wear either. For summer, I usually go with shorts like these.

8. Favorite summer Fruit? 
Usually watermelon

9. Corn on the Cob or Cut Off the Cob?  
Off the cob! 

10. Favorite summertime song?  
I feel like it changes every summer

11. Favorite summertime activity?
Reading by the pool

12. Favorite Berry? 

13. Bikini’s, tankini’s or one pieces?
Bikini -- I love these ones.


14. Dresses or Skirts?
I have a bunch of these skirts in a variety of colors and styles -- they're so comfy!


15. One Word to describe Summer?