July 2018 Goals

First up, last month's goals! 

1. Consolidate My 401k Accounts
Did not happen due to closing on our house and June being a crazy-busy month! Let's be honest, this probably won't happen in July either.

2. Drink More Water
I did so much better on this! 

3. Get Back Into My Blogging Groove
I promise July will have more posts -- we've had a lot going on with buying a new house, work, etc. right now. I can't wait to share more about our new house, too! 

4. Take a Trip Up to Robertson Ranch
Done! I headed up there a few weeks ago and it was so nice to rest and relax (and have someone else cook for me!)

5. Hit the Pool Regularly
Haven't been since Memorial Day since it seems like every weekend has been so cloudy or rainy! 

This month's goals:

1. Pack up the house! 
Hoping to power through and do most of this in a weekend -- I don't like living amongst boxes, so we'll probably do this towards the mid to end of the month.

2. Go for more walks
It's been such weird weather -- lots of rain and super hot, so my outside time has been very infrequent. Hoping to get back into this more often! 

3. Find a new Bible Study for the fall
I'm so excited to utilize our new deck and can't wait to sit out there and read in the early mornings.

4. Start researching small groups for the fall
I'd love to join a group this fall for some community

5. MOVE INTO OUR NEW HOUSE, no big deal!
SO, so excited for this! I literally can not wait to move in and start unpacking!

What's one thing you accomplished in June?
What would you like to work towards this month?