10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 12

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1. Jello freaks me out — especially if there is fruit in it.

2. I always wished I had a ton of freckles — my friend Hanna has the prettiest skin with lots of freckles on her face and arms and I always envy it!

3. I don’t like shopping under pressure. For example, trying to find an outfit for an event that week or something stresses me out like none other!

4. When I was little my favorite book was 52 Timesavers for On-The-Go Moms. It was actually my mom’s but I definitely read it cover to cover multiple times throughout my elementary school years. It probably wouldn’t hurt to give that another read now that I am a mom.

5. One day I would love to write an autobiography, own a home organization company, be a food stylist, and become a psychologist that specializes in mind-body disorders. #dreambig

6. I love clean eating but can’t pass up original Oreos. I also don’t enjoy Golden Oreos — only the chocolate ones. The originals are my favorite, but the red velvet ones are pretty good too.

7. I can’t do runny eggs — I remember eating them as a kid but if I had to do it today, I would literally lose my lunch.

8. I love to consolidate things — like take multiple things and combining them into one to reduce clutter. It is seriously so satisfying!

9. Here’s a list of weird smells that I like: water out of the hose, paint, lumber / new construction, craft stores, old library books, and those cinnamon Christmas ornaments, 

10. I don’t like things that have a cult-like following. For example, I don’t ever fan-girl and I typically prefer to watch tv shows after their popularity has died down a bit.

What are some random facts about you?
Do we have any of the above in common?