10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 16

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1. I almost always choose the same color anytime I get a pedicure. I went to a new salon a couple of weeks ago and went with a different color and it feels so weird to me since my toes are usually pastel pink 99% of the time.

2. I know some people are super particular about the way that the toilet paper is set up on the roll — with the top sheet being either over or under the roll. We’ve never had a preference in our house and I never knew that TP roll preference was actually a thing until someone pointed it out to me a few years ago.

3. We also rarely lose socks in the dryer — I have friends that say this happens to them almost weekly but I think it’s because I always check the corners of fitted sheets and the hoods of hoodies. I feel like this is always where socks end up hiding!

4. I’ve mentioned before that I like to get dressed and ready each day and I recently realized that I do the same with Fletcher. It’s very rare that he will stay in pajamas for the day and I typically put a new outfit on him each morning — this probably explains why we do so much laundry these days. :)

5. Summer is the only season that I don’t enjoy the start of because the humidity comes out of nowhere and I’m never ready for it!

6. I’ve been backed into twice in my gym’s parking lot and both times it was not my fault. I’m thinking a lot of distracted drivers must go to my gym.

7. I put salt on almost everything even before tasting it and I recently read that this might be due to low blood pressure. My friend at work used to tease me because I kept a pink Himalayan sea salt grinder from Costco in my desk drawer.

8. I don’t like snickerdoodle or monster cookies but enjoy almost every other variety out there.

9. My socks always have to match because in my mind, they all fit differently.

10. I’m super weird and requested my delivery report from the hospital and read it cover to cover. I found it to be very interesting to read the “behind the scenes” version of what went down!

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10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 15

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1. I recently realized how superstitious I am about certain things. Not your typical “don’t want under a ladder” or “don’t open an umbrella in the house”, but more so things like telling people things before they happen and I even waited to open our newborn package of diapers until after he was born.

2. Along with being weird about foods stored / heated in plastic, anything that has fake sugar or is “low-fat” also freaks me out. I’ll take the calories over the aspartame any day!

3. I spent my 21st birthday recovering from my wisdom teeth removal surgery and Andy was on a random trip to Egypt during this time (we were newly dating). It definitely wasn’t ideal, but I was getting kicked off my parent’s insurance once I turned 21 and so when I was at the orthodontist a few days before my 21st birthday for a retainer check, he recommended doing the surgery that week so that it would still be covered by insurance. I was freaked out to get this surgery done, but it was WAY easier than I thought — same with my appendectomy that I had a few years ago.

4. I’m a huge advocate of therapy / counseling and think everyone should see a psychologist regularly.

5. Anytime I wake up from anesthesia, I always cry and I have no idea why! It’s seriously the strangest thing and I’m always so confused as to why I do this.

6. This will be covered in a blog post soon, but once I had a health issue where I couldn’t eat or drink anything without severe pain for 2.5 years. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through; however, it did give me a new perspective on life.

7. I can’t sleep with my hair down — it has to be pulled up (which right now it can only go into a half-pony because I’m rocking the bob).

8. When I find myself in a season of feeling stressed, it is more helpful for me to take a few days off than to take a vacation. I love traveling and going on vacation, but I feel like most of the time I don’t return home refreshed — I’m wondering if this is because I tend to do too many activities (site-seeing, hiking, being on the go, etc. while traveling)?

9. Here’s a list of foods I never tried until I was an adult: dates, avocados (still mourning this fact!), salmon, eggplant, arugula, brussel sprouts, jicama, kale, kalamata olives, kombucha, and spaghetti squash — they are now some of my favorites.

10. I will always believe in the Oxford Comma.

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10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 14

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  1. Petting zoos freak me out; same with the live animals at the fair — no, no, and no. Too many germs in too small of a space.

  2. I like my Christmas cookies to be covered in red hot candies — I’m not sure when this weird obsession started but I remember loving them as a kid, too.

  3. I’m super weird about food heated in plastic or hot food being served in plastic containers — most of the time I won’t eat it because it just freaks me out how the plastic can leech into the food. Same with eating hot foods with plastic utensils.

  4. This also goes for Saran Wrap — I won’t eat anything that has been wrapped in it due to the high levels of chemicals. The smell of it also bothers me.

  5. I always feel like I have my life together when my laundry basket is empty meaning that all of the dirty clothes are washed, dried, and put away in their drawers.

  6. The “smell” of winter is one of my favorites — you know when you walk outside on a chilly November day and it just “smells” like winter? Love it.

  7. I love anything caramel, coconut, pumpkin spice, gingerbread, or mint flavored. 

  8. I’ve never liked Hershey’s Syrup on anything — I remember liking it in chocolate milk as a kid but now you couldn’t pay me to drink a glass of milk. I think I would gag!

  9. I tend to be a very cautious person and I both love and hate this about myself, ha ha.

  10. As a kid, soup was one of my least favorite foods and now it’s one of my all-time favorites. Tomato basil is probably my favorite!

10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 13

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1. The only thing I like about Halloween is the candy — once it’s over, I’m SO ready to deck the halls. My favorite candies include 100 Grand Bars, Kit Kats, Sour Patch Kids, Bottle Caps, Sweetarts, and Swedish Fish.

2. If I wake up earlier than anticipated, it’s rare I’ll fall back asleep — this is both a blessing and a curse because I get a lot done in the wee hours, but I’m also one of those people that needs 8 hours of sleep to function. I’m also trying to enjoy my sleep as much as possible right now knowing that baby will be up all through the night come January!

3. Once I spent the night at the Mall of America — my Girl Scout troop and I had a “field trip” at Underwater Adventures and we got a behind the scenes tour and then slept on the conveyer belt with the glass aquarium above us.

4. I’m really particular about my hair and makeup and prefer to do it myself as opposed to having it done for a special event. However, I do love when my sister does my eyebrows because she is a pro at those and I’m still working on my skills in that area.

5. I absolutely love taking naps — even more so now that I’m pregnant.

6. I always return my library books on time and am super particular about constantly checking my “checked out” tab online to make sure I don’t have anything past-due.

7. I’ve always known I’ve had a latex sensitivity but this past week, I’ve found out that it’s a severe allergy that will cause me to break out in head to toe hives.

8. I’m obsessed with Williams Sonoma — especially around the holidays. Plus, they have the best cider around!

9. I typically won’t take medicine unless I absolutely have to — I just never feel good about putting chemicals like that in my body. This is also super ironic because I LOVE candy, which is pure chemicals.

10. I love boy names for girls and also using last names as first names.

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10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 12

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1. Jello freaks me out — especially if there is fruit in it.

2. I always wished I had a ton of freckles — my friend Hanna has the prettiest skin with lots of freckles on her face and arms and I always envy it!

3. I don’t like shopping under pressure. For example, trying to find an outfit for an event that week or something stresses me out like none other!

4. When I was little my favorite book was 52 Timesavers for On-The-Go Moms. It was actually my mom’s but I definitely read it cover to cover multiple times throughout my elementary school years. It probably wouldn’t hurt to give that another read now that I am a mom.

5. One day I would love to write an autobiography, own a home organization company, be a food stylist, and become a psychologist that specializes in mind-body disorders. #dreambig

6. I love clean eating but can’t pass up original Oreos. I also don’t enjoy Golden Oreos — only the chocolate ones. The originals are my favorite, but the red velvet ones are pretty good too.

7. I can’t do runny eggs — I remember eating them as a kid but if I had to do it today, I would literally lose my lunch.

8. I love to consolidate things — like take multiple things and combining them into one to reduce clutter. It is seriously so satisfying!

9. Here’s a list of weird smells that I like: water out of the hose, paint, lumber / new construction, craft stores, old library books, and those cinnamon Christmas ornaments, 

10. I don’t like things that have a cult-like following. For example, I don’t ever fan-girl and I typically prefer to watch tv shows after their popularity has died down a bit.

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