Simplicity Challenge Week 2 Recap

Today I’m recapping week 2 of the Simplicity Challenge! Click here for my recap of week 1!

Start the habit of throwing a small load of laundry in every morning.
We used to do laundry once per week since we shared the laundry room in our rental with the girl that lived below us. It was awful — laundry days (Sundays) always took up the whole day and I felt like we had to stay close to home so that we could constantly be flipping our loads all day. Plus, I’m super particular about my clothes and hang up most of my shirts and pants so it takes even longer. Ever since we moved into our new house this past summer, I’ve been doing a load of laundry probably every other day and it has made such a difference! It’s far less overwhelming to wash, dry or hang, fold, and put away one load per day verses 4-5 loads.

Set a recurring alarm for every weekday. If you’re letting your kids wake you, set it for one hour earlier.
Ha! My kid will most likely be waking me every morning (and all throughout the night) for at least the next three months. I’ll solidify a better schedule once he has a better eat / sleep schedule down and for when I go back to work in the spring.

Go put gas in your car today. While you’re there, clean out your car. Throw trash away.
I did a clean-out of my vehicle because we recently met with a local officer for a car seat installation safety check. I tend to keep my vehicle fairly tidy — however, it’s a little trickier in the winter months because they put so much salt and sand down on the streets and sidewalks. I typically detail my vehicle each spring once all the snow is gone and then once again in the fall before winter sets in. I’ve found that keeping my vehicle and our home as tidy as possible instills a more peaceful mindset for my days so I try to abide by this as much as possible.

Buy a few birthday cards. Keep them on hand for birthdays that pop up that you’re not prepared for.
I skipped this challenge because I prefer to give cards that are catered towards that specific person as opposed to a generic one. A lot of times I’ll even skip giving a card and instead just get them a little extra something in their birthday gift.

Put your number on the Do Not Call list. Visit or call 1.888.382.1222.
Skipped this one as well because I don’t really receive sales calls.

Do something with all those precious photos and videos on your phone. Print. Back up. Store.
Everything has been backed up on two different hard drives to be extra safe! Once little dude arrives, I plan to place an order of mini prints from this site so that I can start adding them to his baby book!

Dump out your purse. Throw away trash. Create a little bag of essentials. Make your bag work for you.
I don’t really use a purse these days — I have a tote bag that I use whenever I’m going to be out and about for the day, a backpack for commuting to work (way easier to carry my lunch, planner, laptop, etc.), and now I’ll be using my new diaper bag! Whenever Andy and I go out, I always use this little zippered clutch (mine is leopard print but this one is similar!) that he gave me for Christmas last year — it’s the perfect size for my phone, a lip color, and my cards.

What type of bag do you carry?
How often do you fill up your vehicle with gas?
It’s probably once every two weeks for me!