Simplicity Challenge Week 1 Recap

As mentioned in my January 2019 Goals post, I’m participating in the Simplicity Challenge this year! I’ll be recapping the challenge one week at a time as a way to not only document my progress, but also to hold me accountable!

Below are the challenges from the past seven days!


Walk through your home with a trash bag or five. Be ruthless. Papers. Receipts. Tags. Empty Bottles. Go.
Andy and I are fairly tidy people and don’t really have a lot of junk laying around. I emptied our bathroom and kitchen garbages on this day, cleaned the master bathroom, wiped down the bedroom mirror and fan, and laundered our down comforter.

Clean out your fridge. Check expiration dates and throw things away.
This felt SO good to take everything out and wipe down all of the shelves and drawers — it’s crazy how messy / sticky fridges get. I also took the liberty of reorganizing the freezer since it is chock-full of items right now because I prepped a ton of chili, soup, waffles, and spaghetti squash to use as quick meals once baby arrives. I’ve also been on a major smoothie and stir fry kick so there were a lot of bags of frozen fruits and veggies to sort through in there as well.

Put two things that make you happy on your bedside table. You should also have a lamp and a clock.
We lean towards more of a very clean / minimalist decorating aesthetic in our home and didn’t really have much on either of our nightstands. I have a little decorative tray that I set my glasses on each night along with one of these since I can’t go to sleep without applying it! I use my phone as my alarm clock and keep a clock on our master bathroom counter instead of on my nightstand.

However, I’m thinking of making the switch this year to charge my phone in our bathroom and instead having a simple clock on my nightstand. I’d really like to avoid checking my phone when I’m up for middle of the night feedings since it messes with your sleep cycles.

Simplify your phone. Delete old contacts and unused apps. Refresh your lock screen.
This was another one of those tasks that felt SO good! I also cleared off ALL of the old photos so my phone has plenty of space to take pictures of a little newborn! Here’s a post that covers the apps on my phone in more detail if you’re interested!

Restock anything that needs restocking in your bathroom.
We keep all of our bathroom items in our hall linen closet, but I recently stocked up on a few items during our last trip to Costco. Items we always have on hand include q-tips, cotton balls, toilet paper, epsom salts, nail polish removed, shampoo + body wash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. I also just added a new pack of razors to my grocery order for this week since I was running low on those as well.

I used to be really good about keeping extra makeup on hand, but these days I am finding it so enjoyable to switch things up every now and then. In the dead of winter, it’s always fun to pop into Ulta and ask the girls what their favorite products are — it’s how I learned about my favorite concealer and this eyeshadow primer that I can’t live without! Here’s a post that covers my current makeup lineup!

Restock pantry staples (with longer shelf lives) that need to be restocked.
We don’t really have a lot of pantry staples because I’ve found that most of what we eat is fresh / frozen foods (veggies, fruits, chicken, etc.). Some of the few items on our pantry shelves include old fashioned oats, Trader Joe’s organic roasted red pepper + tomato soup, pickles, and items such as a jug of vinegar and olive oil.

Walk through your house with a donate bag. Schedule a pick-up or drop it off as soon as the bag is full.
I dropped off a bag last week and it felt so good to say goodbye to a handful of items that were sitting in our mudroom area for the past two weeks!

Are you participating in the Simplicity Challenge?
What’s one area of your home you’d love to declutter or simplify?