10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 15

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1. I recently realized how superstitious I am about certain things. Not your typical “don’t want under a ladder” or “don’t open an umbrella in the house”, but more so things like telling people things before they happen and I even waited to open our newborn package of diapers until after he was born.

2. Along with being weird about foods stored / heated in plastic, anything that has fake sugar or is “low-fat” also freaks me out. I’ll take the calories over the aspartame any day!

3. I spent my 21st birthday recovering from my wisdom teeth removal surgery and Andy was on a random trip to Egypt during this time (we were newly dating). It definitely wasn’t ideal, but I was getting kicked off my parent’s insurance once I turned 21 and so when I was at the orthodontist a few days before my 21st birthday for a retainer check, he recommended doing the surgery that week so that it would still be covered by insurance. I was freaked out to get this surgery done, but it was WAY easier than I thought — same with my appendectomy that I had a few years ago.

4. I’m a huge advocate of therapy / counseling and think everyone should see a psychologist regularly.

5. Anytime I wake up from anesthesia, I always cry and I have no idea why! It’s seriously the strangest thing and I’m always so confused as to why I do this.

6. This will be covered in a blog post soon, but once I had a health issue where I couldn’t eat or drink anything without severe pain for 2.5 years. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through; however, it did give me a new perspective on life.

7. I can’t sleep with my hair down — it has to be pulled up (which right now it can only go into a half-pony because I’m rocking the bob).

8. When I find myself in a season of feeling stressed, it is more helpful for me to take a few days off than to take a vacation. I love traveling and going on vacation, but I feel like most of the time I don’t return home refreshed — I’m wondering if this is because I tend to do too many activities (site-seeing, hiking, being on the go, etc. while traveling)?

9. Here’s a list of foods I never tried until I was an adult: dates, avocados (still mourning this fact!), salmon, eggplant, arugula, brussel sprouts, jicama, kale, kalamata olives, kombucha, and spaghetti squash — they are now some of my favorites.

10. I will always believe in the Oxford Comma.

What’s a random fact about you?
Do we have any of the quirks above in common?