Last week was SO cold outside — our high one of the days was negative 24 degrees so we hunkered down and stayed inside for the majority of it. Andy’s office ended up closing for some of these days as well, so it kind of felt like we had a weekend in the middle of the week.


We did, however, venture out in the cold on Thursday afternoon since Fletcher had a doctor’s appointment. It’s like he knew what was about to happen because he looks a little grumpy in the photo above! That little Pooh bear is his favorite thing — he always stares at it so intensely whenever we put it by him so we’ve gotten into the habit of tossing it in the diaper bag whenever we head out!


We tried this little outfit on before braving the cold but it was way too big on him so I think we’ll exchange it for something else since by the time it fits, it will hopefully be spring! I say hopefully, because we all remember what happened last year! :)


Once we put a different one on him, we were ready to head out the door with our little baby bear! I can’t believe he is already three weeks old — I was looking at some of the pics and vids that we took while we were in the hospital and I feel like he already looks so different! He definitely has started looking more like a baby as opposed to a newborn.


Our appointment was with the OB that delivered Fletcher so it was fun to see him again since he isn’t my regular OB. Fletcher had a little procedure done and it was so hard for me as a mom to see him crying and confused about what was happening! Luckily it was very routine and over with quickly!


He’s been a little fussy the last few days due to the procedure but we’ve had lots of snuggles and naps together to keep him comfortable! I’ve realized that having a newborn is the perfect opportunity to read lots of books and binge-watch shows since there’s a lot of sweet hours spent holding a sleeping baby (seriously, no better feeling in the world!).

Friday was a rough day in these parts — Fletcher boycotted naps all day and just wanted to be held since he was uncomfortable. Naturally, five minutes after Andy got home, Fletcher fell asleep and was conked out for three hours. :)

We spent the evening eating pizza and catching up on a few shows before feeding Fletcher and calling it a night. My sister and brother-in-law are saints and dropped off a bunch of stuff for us throughout the day including a salad, take and bake pizza, donuts, and their baby carrier so I can wear Fletcher while doing things around the house.


One of our neighbors also dropped off a dinner for us earlier in the week and I didn’t realize how helpful this would be! We got three meals out of this taco kit and it was so nice to not have to think about dinner / lunch for a few days!


On Saturday, Andy stayed home to watch the baby while I ran to Target to pick up some diapers and a few things for Valentine’s Day. I always like to pick up little treats for our nieces whenever it’s a holiday so I grabbed a bunch of things that I knew they’d enjoy and then assembled the treat bags later that evening. I also picked up two books for Fletcher’s Valentine’s Day gift and let me tell you, it was SO fun to pick out something for our little boy! I thought this one and this one were adorable and I can’t wait to read them to him next week! I can’t wait to celebrate all of his “first” holidays this year and am especially looking forward to putting together an Easter basket for him in a couple of months.


After leaving Target, I ate a quick snack and then headed to my pedicure appointment for an afternoon of pampering.


My toes needed a little TLC and really hit it off with the girl that did them so we chatted the hour away! I always get my pedicures done at the salon inside of my gym and while my membership is still frozen, just being in that environment left me SO excited to get back into a regular fitness routine (lifting) once I’m cleared at my 6-week appointment!


Once my toes were dry, I headed over to Costco to grab our staples for the week and it seemed like all of Minnesota had the same idea since it was finally warm outside after our 3-day stint of antarctic temps! I whizzed through the aisles and was in and out of there as quickly as possible since it was a madhouse.

This week’s haul included:

  • Turkey deli meat for sandwiches / snacking

  • Organic baby spinach for salads and smoothies

  • Bananas

  • Riced cauliflower (we both love making bowls with this!)

  • Granola for yogurt parfaits

  • Organic kale and mozzarella chicken burgers (these are SO good and great for easy lunches / dinners)

  • Peanut butter

  • Organic milk (for Andy’s protein shakes)

  • Honey (we’ve been on a kick of making those energy bites lately)

  • Crushed red pepper flakes

  • Grapefruit (it is PERFECT right now! Like, so, so good!)

  • Chicken breasts

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What are your Costco staples?
What’s the coldest temp you’ve experienced?