10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 16

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1. I almost always choose the same color anytime I get a pedicure. I went to a new salon a couple of weeks ago and went with a different color and it feels so weird to me since my toes are usually pastel pink 99% of the time.

2. I know some people are super particular about the way that the toilet paper is set up on the roll — with the top sheet being either over or under the roll. We’ve never had a preference in our house and I never knew that TP roll preference was actually a thing until someone pointed it out to me a few years ago.

3. We also rarely lose socks in the dryer — I have friends that say this happens to them almost weekly but I think it’s because I always check the corners of fitted sheets and the hoods of hoodies. I feel like this is always where socks end up hiding!

4. I’ve mentioned before that I like to get dressed and ready each day and I recently realized that I do the same with Fletcher. It’s very rare that he will stay in pajamas for the day and I typically put a new outfit on him each morning — this probably explains why we do so much laundry these days. :)

5. Summer is the only season that I don’t enjoy the start of because the humidity comes out of nowhere and I’m never ready for it!

6. I’ve been backed into twice in my gym’s parking lot and both times it was not my fault. I’m thinking a lot of distracted drivers must go to my gym.

7. I put salt on almost everything even before tasting it and I recently read that this might be due to low blood pressure. My friend at work used to tease me because I kept a pink Himalayan sea salt grinder from Costco in my desk drawer.

8. I don’t like snickerdoodle or monster cookies but enjoy almost every other variety out there.

9. My socks always have to match because in my mind, they all fit differently.

10. I’m super weird and requested my delivery report from the hospital and read it cover to cover. I found it to be very interesting to read the “behind the scenes” version of what went down!

What are some random facts about you?
Do we have any of the above in common?