Fletcher's First Trip to the Library

Yesterday morning, I met my sister and my nieces at the library for the baby story time. I was originally planning on taking Fletcher to the library for the first time this week just to grab some books, but then when my sister told me that there was a special baby story event, we decided to attend that in addition to browsing the kids’ section of the library.


Fletcher dressed up for his first book club meeting and was very enthusiastic about having a special morning out with his cousins!


This was Fletcher’s first time attending anything like this and he LOVED it so much!


I was honestly surprised at how into it and attentive he was!


I was so proud of my little dude!


We sat in a circle with a bunch of other babies and followed along with our own copies of the books while the children’s librarian read them and did actions / sounds to go with them.

My friend Jenna and her adorable two-month old daughter, Lily, were there too — it was such a fun surprise especially since it was her first time attending this event as well.


We read three books and then there were some little games and things before they brought out a tub of toys and all the babies were living their best lives.


Becca and Chloe did the honor of entertaining Fletcher with the toys and he was enjoying it so much!


At one point, I looked down and saw that Becca had reached out and was holding Fletcher’s little hand. So sweet!


After the story time event was done, we headed into the children’s library area to check out a few books and then head out! Fletcher was getting really tired by this point — hence the look on his face, ha ha. He’s holding one of his very favorite toys — his godparents gave him this sweet little rattle toy and he just loves it so much!


Afterwards, we stopped for froyo since we were in the area, hung out for awhile, and then headed home.


We spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading some of the books that we checked out that morning.


It’s so fun to see this little bookworm getting so excited whenever we turn the page! This was the first of many library trips for Fletcher — I can’t wait to bring him again!

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