Spring Break in AZ: Day 3

Our third day in Arizona started out a little overcast with an afternoon rainstorm on the radar. Due to this, we decided to spend our morning outside at the Desert Botanical Gardens and then head down to Chandler, AZ for the afternoon.

We both enjoyed browsing through the different gardens to check out all of the unique desert plants--there was even a butterfly garden as well! 

The Desert Botanical Gardens reminded me a lot of the landscape arboretum in Minnesota--except with a desert twist! 

After we finished up at the gardens, we headed to Cafe Rio for lunch! Cafe Rio is a lot like Chipotle but with more options--we both really enjoyed it! 

After our late lunch, we headed down to Chandler to browse the Chandler Fashion Center for awhile to avoid the rainstorm. After the mall, we grabbed a quick bite to eat along with another trip to Yogurtland before heading back to the hotel to relax and watch a movie.

Spring Break in AZ: Day 2

Waking up to our second day in Arizona felt so good--probably because it didn't involve a 2:45am wakeup call in order to get to the airport on time! 

We started our morning by heading out to Camelback Mountain, a hike that my mentor, Jayme, had recommended to us! 

It was such a beautiful day and we were itching to get out and hike in the sunshine! 

Little did we know that this "hike" wasn't really more of a rock climb. The terrain was like this the entire way up--some areas even had metal railings to hold onto since it was so incredibly steep! 

I always thought that the Koko Head hike in Oahu was the most challenging hike I've ever done, but Camelback Mountain definitely took the cake on that! 

We persevered and eventually made it up to the top! The 360* views were so pretty! 

Andy and I joked that we thought that the climb up was hard, but it was actually the hike down that proved to be the most difficult! It was definitely a full-body workout that required a lot of upper body strength! 

After the hike, we grabbed some lunch at Modern Market, a new restaurant in Scottsdale, before picking up some froyo and heading out to Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio! 

We made it in the nick of time to purchase tickets for the last tour of the day! Our tour guide walked us through the property, giving a thorough history of Frank Lloyd Wright, his career, and Taliesin West.

I ended up enjoying the tour even more than I thought I would! It was so fascinating to learn more about his history, technique, and personal quirks. I'd highly recommend touring Taliesin West if you ever find yourself in Scottsdale, Arizona! 

After the tour, we headed to Life Time Athletic to freshen up for dinner! It felt so good to clean up and change clothes before heading to the Scotssdale Waterfront for the evening. We made a dinner reservation for later that evening and decided to walk along the canal where an art festival was taking place.

The water and light themed art show was so unique and we loved walking around to check out the different installments! 

Our dinner reservations were at Olive & Ivy, a Mediterranean restaurant with a Californian flair. This ended up being our very favorite restaurant of our trip because of its unique atmosphere, delicious menu, and perfect location! They also had an amazing patio which they described as resembling restaurants in the south of France, which we would love to try out if we head back to Scottsdale in the future! 

Spring Break in AZ: Day 1

This year for spring break, we headed to Arizona for a week in the warm sunshine! We were at the airport by 5am and despite feeling super sleepy, we were excited and ready to kick off a week away! 

I started reading this book while waiting at our gate and really like it so far! Not as good as The Couple Next Door, but worth reading!

It was my first time flying Sun Country (I usually almost always fly Delta), which means we were in Terminal 2 at the Minneapolis airport! Terminal 2 was definitely a lot smaller (no Starbucks!), but also far less busy than the main terminal--which is always a plus! 

Upon arriving in Phoenix, we picked up our luggage and rental car before heading out to explore the area!

We started out in Tempe, AZ to grab lunch and walk around at a park to stretch our legs and soak up the sun! 

We hung around the park for awhile before heading to the Tempe Marketplace for a snack and a quick Target run to grab a few items such as water, snacks to take on our hikes, sunscreen, etc.

The weather was in the upper 60s with plenty of beautiful blue skies--absolute perfection! 

Tempe Marketplace was such a fun area! There were so many shops, restaurants, and outdoor seating areas! 

We grabbed an acai bowl at Nekter, a juice bar within the Tempe Marketplace and it was delicious! My bestie, Allie, introduced me to acai bowl during my first visit to Hawaii and I've been obsessed with them ever since! It's basically a smoothie bowl that is topped with fruit, granola, and honey--so good! 

After our Target run, we swung by the hotel to drop off our luggage, freshen up, and head out to dinner! We ended up crashing pretty early that evening after such an early morning at the airport! 

Are you going anywhere for Spring Break?
Ever been to Arizona?