Friday Favorites #17

It has been such a good week this past week! We've had projects flying out the door at work and I'm so happy with how they're looking. This weekend we have ZERO plans and I'm so excited about it after being so busy the past few weekends. 

I typically write the majority of my blog posts on the weekend since my weeknight evenings are always so full (gym, friends, running errands, etc.), so my Friday Favorites posts don't always get written since they require content from the week! Since it's been awhile, I've got a whole host of favorites to share with you guys! As usual, I'm linking up for this! 

This necklace + earrings set that Andy gave me for our anniversary have been on heavy rotation! I love the pretty colored stone and I have found that it matches so many different outfits. 

I've been trying to diffuse essential oils each evening when we're home -- my current favorite oil is Christmas Spirit! I also have been enjoying Tangerine and it's making me so excited for purchasing and eating many bags of clementines this winter!

I started this book last weekend and loved it! It started out a little slow, but definitely picked up with each passing chapter. 

This past week has been filled with productivity after work! I booked my hair appointments for the holidays before my stylist books up and I'm really looking forward to having fresh hair for both Thanksgiving and Christmas! I also had my rings cleaned and inspected, which was one of my goals for the month. Along with that, I am also finished with my Christmas shopping except for Andy's stocking stuffers and I dropped off a pile of clothes at the tailor's for repair. I feel so on top of things now that all of these items are completed and off of my to-do list.

These Milky Way Caramels are one of my new favorite candies -- I've realized that the only candy bars I really like are ones that involve a lot of caramel or coconut. These, along with 100 Grand bars are my all-time faves! Okay, and Almond Joy / Mounds bars -- can you tell that it was just Halloween?! Fun fact, I stash most of my candy in the freezer (and eat it frozen) -- my sister got me hooked on this when we were younger and I haven't looked back since! Anyone else?

We're designing our Christmas cards this weekend and I am so excited about it! I plan to grab a holiday drink from Starbucks, cozy up, and finish all of the illustrations by Sunday evening!

What's been a favorite from your week?
Favorite candy bar?