10 Things I Do Every Day

If you're interested in 10 things I do every week, click here! This is a random list of the first 10 things that popped into my head -- I'm very much a creature of habit and enjoy keeping my routines as long as they're working well for me.

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1. Shower + Get Ready
This is non-negotiable for me; I just do not feel my best unless I've showered and dressed for the day! 

2. Drink a protein shake
Being a vegetarian, I make a conscious effort to make sure I'm consuming enough protein each day. I like to start my day with a protein shake during my commute.


3. Go to work
A good chunk of my day is spent at work, but I am so thankful for a job that I love! I really enjoy the work that I do, the people that I work with (it's a small company and definitely feels like a family), and the environment (lots of natural light and no cubicles!).


4. Do something active
I love that saying -- "a body in motion stays in motion" because it is so true! It's so hard to find motivation to hit the gym if I haven't been going consistently. Plus, I feel so much better when I'm active, so it's a win-win! 

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5. Eat
This reminds me, I still need to do a full day of meals post since my last one was from before I became a vegetarian! I'm definitely more of a grazer than a meals person, so I generally eat something every few hours. I've been doing this most of my adult life and it seems to work best for my body.

6. Listen to music or podcasts
I love listening to music during my commute, while at work, and while working out. I have an Apple music subscription and love listening to my playlists and podcasts. I'm starting to switch over to Christmas music now that it's November, but during the rest of the year you can usually find me listening to my top favorite artists / bands:

Demon Hunter

7. Text my sister, Andrea and my bestie, Allie
My little sister has become one of my best friends and Allie and I have been the best of friends since I was in 8th grade! We usually have text conversations going throughout each day -- checking in with one another, sharing funny things, etc.


8. Spend time with Andy
Our schedules are a little crazy this fall, but we always make sure to spend time together in the evenings after work and by keeping our weekly date night! 

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9. Prep for the next day
I like to set myself up for success the night before, so I usually pack my lunch, pack my bag for work, pack my gym bag, and lay out my clothes / jewelry / shoes for the next day. This also means staying on top of laundry throughout the week so that I have everything I need.


10. Do something to unwind
This usually consists of watching a show, reading, painting my nails, diffusing essential oils, etc. I'm a high-energy person and but like to wind down before bed so that I can drift off to restful sleep fairly quickly. 

What are three things you do each day?
What's something you'd like to start doing every day?