10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 5

I'm back with more random facts for the month! You may read past versions here, here, here, and here.

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1. I get my hair cut every month -- I always get a full cut every other month, and then the in-between month is a touch-up. My hair grows so fast and with this short little bob, it doesn't take long for it to lose its shape.

2. I put lip balm on each and every evening before bed -- I can't go to sleep without it! 

3. It drives me crazy if something from a set is missing -- for example, if I have a 12-pack of markers and one is missing, I will search for it until it is found so that my set is complete.

4. I love smoothies but only if they are juice or fruit based -- Luscious Lemon from Berry Blendz is my absolute favorite! 

5. I try on everything in store before purchasing it just because dealing with returns drives me crazy. I also contradict myself with this because about 80% of my clothes are purchased online; however, this works out because I purchase from retailers where I know my sizes so it's rare that I ever have to exchange anything.

6. I have Raynaud's in my feet and my hands -- the first time that this happened, I was meeting Andy at Barnes & Noble one night and I was so freaked out! 

7. Board games / card games are one of my favorite pastimes -- I see us hosting lots of game nights in our new house! 

8. A good chunk of my favorite movies are from the 90s / early 2000s: Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Devil Wears Prada, No Reservations, and Father of the Bride I & II.

9. I had my appendix removed a few years ago and I was 100% convinced I had pulled a hip flexor -- apparently my pain tolerance is a lot higher than I thought. I went to the chiropractor and she told me that based on my symptoms, I should leave her office and drive straight to urgent care. One ultrasound and a CT scan later, I found myself at our local hospital being prepped for surgery.

10. Despite being a designer, doing crafts is my Achilles heel -- I'm not sure if it's the mess or the lack of patience in that area that just doesn't work or what! However, I love making mockups (creating mini versions of packaging / products) at work and typically excel in that area -- funny how that works.

Do we have anything listed above in common?
What's a random fact about you?