December Goals

This month is flying by faster than I'd like -- it's hard to believe we're just two weeks out from Christmas! Today I'll be sharing my goals for the month, as well as checking in to see how I did on my November goals.

1. Finish all of our Christmas shopping and wrapping by December 1st
Done! This felt SO good and I'm planning on doing this again next year -- it was so nice to have all of our shopping done before the cold weather hit! 

2. Design, Address, and Send Christmas Cards
This was one of those "choose your battles" types of situations. I sat down and started illustrations for these, but was feeling like there was too much pressure to get them illustrated, designed, printed, and sent all in a matter of two weekends since our month was so busy. I gave myself some grace and told Andy we can send them next year -- which will also involve designing them in August instead of November. :)

3. New Thanksgiving Recipe
Done! I'll be sharing this recipe on the blog tomorrow! 

4. Add to My Wishlist
Done! I have a post on it here.

5. Get My Rings Cleaned + Inspected
Done! This has been on my to-do list for so long, so it felt great to have this completed!

Below are the goals I plan to focus on during the month of December:

1 (1).jpg

1. Wear Gloves at all Times
This is something that I always fail to do -- even though it's freezing outside, if I'm just running a quick errand, I'll often just pop inside and leave my gloves in the car. The result is freezing cold hands, and dry, chapped skin. I want to be better about being proactive on this! 

2. Moisturize Daily
This brings me to my next goal -- moisturize daily. This has been something that I've neglected lately -- it's so important to be proactive with moisturizing especially during these cold winter months! I want to be better about apply facial moisturizer each evening before bed, and moisturizing my body after showering each morning.

3. Switch to a New Foundation
My foundation has been bothering me lately -- it feels too dark and heavy. I also feel like I need something that is a little more sophisticated than my usual makeup routine. I want it to be simple yet polished and am looking forward to getting matched at a local makeup counter.

4. Go on a Few Christmas Date Nights
We have a few holiday events on the calendar, but I'd love to incorporate the holidays into our Friday night date nights this month! 

5. Have a Solo Date at Barnes & Noble
Our calendar feels like it is jam-packed this month, and I'd really like to be intentional about a few solo dates this month. A coffee paired with a stack of books at Barnes & Noble sounds like the perfect evening after work.

What is something you'd like to accomplish this month?
Favorite brand of foundation?