Friday Favorites #2

Hello and Happy Friday! The forecast looks absolutely gorgeous for the next few days and I am looking forward to spending the majority of the weekend outside! We're heading out for a date night tonight, but otherwise have zero plans for the weekend! I'm hoping that we can play a game of tennis to take advantage of the spring weather! 

I've got a round of Friday Favorites for you today before we kick off the weekend! These are a few of my favorite items from the week that I'd like to share! Enjoy! 

1. Rollerblading! 
This is one of my favorite warm-weather pastimes and it felt so good to dust off my Rollerblades and take them out for a spin around a local lake. It's always such a great workout and the time flies by as I listen to my favorite tunes.

2. Jay-Bird Wireless Headphones
On that note, I can't mention Rollerblading without sharing my love for my Jay-Bird wireless headphones! Andy and I purchased pairs of these headphones right after Christmas and we have been loving working out without headphone cords! It's so freeing! 

3. Iced Passion Tea Lemonades
Now that warm weather is in full-swing, I've been in full-on summer mode. In the summer months, I love ordering an iced passion tea lemonade from Starbucks, but recently starting making my own at home. Every few days, I brew a large pitcher of Tazo Iced Passion Tea (we use the pitcher packs) and keep it in the fridge. To serve, I simply pour some over ice, add a splash of lemon juice, and stir in one packet of stevia. It's so refreshing and delicious! 

4. Gap Pure Body Joggers
I had to run to Nordstrom the other day, and decided to run to Gap on my way out of the mall. Typically Gap's clothing sizes don't fit me the greatest (I find that they run big and tend to be boxy), but I do love their pajamas! I came across these Pure Body joggers and they are SO cute and comfy! I purchased the "Aloha Stripe Grey" and they're the perfect lightweight pajama pants for the summer months. 

5. Arboretum Visits
Our local arboretum is in full-bloom right now and it is such a joy to spend time there. Oftentimes, my aunt and I will meet there to walk through the beautiful gardens while catching up with one another -- these visits mean so much to me and are always a highlight of my week! 

I'm off to finish this work week off strong before we head out for our dinner date later this evening! Have a great weekend!

Ever been to an arboretum?
Favorite warm-weather activity?