Friday Favorites #3

Hello and Happy Friday! The weather has flipped from cool and comfortable to hot, hot, hot! I'm thinking that the majority of this weekend will be spent poolside to beat the heat! 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things as of lately and linking up with some other bloggers for some Friday Favorites! 

My sister invited me over the other day to cool off in their pool and it felt so good! I typically go to the pool at the club, but it was nice to enjoy time in a private pool in my sister's backyard! We relaxed on the floaties while her little girls were napping and then they joined us after they woke up!

After many years of trying to figure out who in the world "A" is, Pretty Little Liars has finally come to an end! Last week was the finale and although the ending was not as I had anticipated, I'm fairly happy with how it ended. There were a few moments during the finale where I actually paused the TV and said "WHAT?!" out loud to myself -- there was some crazy stuff that went down! I'm a little sad that it's actually over though -- I've been so committed to this show for the past seven seasons! 

I'm currently looking for something new to watch until my favorite shows return in the fall since PLL is officially over! Comment below if you have any suggestions! 

This seasoning blend will change your life. It's AMAZING on avocado toast, cucumber slices, roasted brussels sprouts, and basically everything else you can think of. I highly recommend it!


If you're a fan of podcasts and a good mystery, check out Up and Vanished! I recently discovered this podcast that follows the cold case of a missing beauty pageant star and it is so good! I breezed through so many of these episodes while walking around the lake and while working on design projects. What I love most about this particular podcast is that they give real answers to the case -- which makes it that much more intriguing!  

I eat a very clean diet the majority of the time, but I'm also such a cereal junkie! I'm not talking about the healthy cereals, either -- Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, etc. are on regular rotation around here! I typically eat a bowl of cereal every night before bed -- it's not the healthiest, but I love it! That being said, my favorite cereal of my childhood was recently re-released into stores and it made my whole week when Andy brought home two boxes of it for me last weekend!

Alright, I'm off to get a run around the lake in before it heats up outside! 

What's one thing you're loving lately?
What are your weekend plans?