Fair Fun with the Fam

Ah, it's already the last day of July! This past weekend definitely had some "end of summer" vibes to it since we attended a local county fair with some of our family! We took a million pictures, so buckle up because this post is a long one! 

We typically attend the MN State Fair at the end of August each year, but this little local fair was a fun taste of what's to come. Here in MN, we take our fairs seriously -- especially the State Fair, which is massive and lasts for ten whole days! 

Before we chat about the fair, let's back up to Friday -- because that's when the weekend officially kicks off, right?! I went for a walk through the neighborhood on Friday morning before swinging by our local Starbucks to grab my signature drink since we were out of both K-cups and coffee creamer. I'm not exactly sure how that happened.

Afterwards, I headed home and worked on the computer for a bit before packing my pool bag and a salad before heading out to meet my friends Kary and Molly at the club for a pool day.

Since I like to leave the club showered and ready, I also tossed in everything I'd need to go out on a date with Andy later that evening. That's the coral tropics color of my favorite tank that I mentioned the other day! I originally planned to wear it with my favorite skinny denim, but then I remembered these olive colored skinnies that I bought forever ago and ended up loving this color combo! 


My friends and I spent the afternoon lounging on the pool deck before floating around in the deep end for awhile. It was so fun to have a laid-back afternoon spent catching up with girlfriends. 

Later that evening, Andy and I met up for a dinner date at a local steakhouse -- I love dinner dates because it gives us more time to catch up and chat about our days.

Afterwards, we ran a couple of errands, which included a quick stop at Target for K-cups and coffee creamer. I told myself I would wait until after Labor day to give in to all things pumpkin spice, but then I saw this seasonal coffee creamer and it was game over. I'm a fall-aholic through and through! 

The next morning, we were up bright and early! I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood because I ended up getting ready a lot faster than I had originally anticipated. If you haven't picked up on it by now, we walk a lot.

We headed out to the fair around 9am, and while we were on our way, my sister texted me to let me know that my cousins would be there as well! We met up with my sister and her little family and started browsing through the bird / animal barns. 

I ended up randomly running into my friend Chad, from Life Time, in the goat barn -- it was so out of context that it took me by surprise but it was fun to see a familiar face! 

They had all kinds of animals / birds -- horses, bunnies, goats, sheep, and even some ducks! I'm not a huge farm animal person, but it was so fun to see how excited my niece was about the animals!  

After checking out the animals, we headed over to the weightlifting competition to wait for our cousins to arrive. There were girls strapped into harnesses which they used to manually pull pick-up trucks across the street. So crazy to watch! Shortly after, my cousins arrived -- I haven't seen them since my cousin's grad party back in June so it was fun to be able to spend the day with them! 

In between entertainment options, we grabbed some fried Oreos to share -- I'm not usually a fried food person, but these were so good! 

We attended the magic show, a Disney princess appearance (for my nieces), and watched a guy juggling a torch, an axe, and a shoe while riding a super-tall unicycle. We had quite the random mix of entertainment!


We had so much fun at the fair -- I feel like it was a lot more enjoyable than the State Fair since it was cooler outside and not as crowded (aka overwhelming).

Plus, being able to spend time with family was an added bonus! It always makes me laugh how my two cousins and I are all almost the same height! We also look nothing alike even though we're related! 

We headed home early in the afternoon and I worked on the first half of this post before relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. After a little nap, I headed out to the gym for a quick leg workout.

I decided to walk on the path near the gym after my lift since it was such a beautiful night outside! I used to walk this path all the time during the lunch break when I worked at Life Time -- you can see the corporate office through the windows in the upper right corner of the gym photo! 

On Sunday, I headed out mid-morning for a walk and it ended up being a really long one since I accidentally dropped my headphones and didn't realize it until I was on my way back. I retraced my steps but didn't come across the missing headphones -- oh well, luckily they were just Apple headphones and not my Beats or my wireless ones! That walk alone ended up being over 15k steps and I was so hot, hungry, and thirsty by the time I got back to our house! 

Later that afternoon, we headed out to the lake with my sister and her family! It was so fun to spend the afternoon out on the boat with them! 

Andy, my brother-in-law, and our two nieces were brave and jumped in the lake for a swim -- but my sister and I stayed on the boat instead! Swimming in lakes just gives me the heebie jeebies -- anyone else?!

Our sweet little niece, Chloe kept pulling herself up to this little ledge on the boat and squealing as she looked at the lake. It was so funny to watch! 

It was such a nice night and it felt so much cooler out on the boat than it was on land! Sweet relief! 

I know we live in Minnesota and all, but it has been years since we've been out on the boat! It felt good to be back on a warm, summer evening! Once we reached land, we parted ways and spent the rest of the evening watching a show before gearing up for another week. 

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Favorite summer activity? 
What's your favorite fair food?