Friday Favorites #6

I feel like these summer weeks are just flying by and that's more than fine with me. Bring on the changing leaves, crisp air, and pumpkin spice! Speaking of pumpkin spice, I just heard the other day that you can order a macchiato at Starbucks and instead of caramel sauce, ask for their signature pumpkin sauce. Does that sound amazing or what?! I'm definitely going to give that a whirl once the PSL hits Starbucks this fall!

In typical Friday fashion, I'm linking up to share some of my favorites from the week! 

While shopping with my sister a couple of weeks ago, I found these breezy tanks that are perfect for hot summer days and can easily be dressed up or down. I just love the cute little open-back detail, too! 

I've been enjoying them paired with skinny jeans + statement necklaces and am looking forward to layering them with my favorite jackets this fall. I purchased both the Blackjack and Coral Tropics color. That pretty statement necklace came in my most recent Rocksbox, and these are the perfect dark wash skinnies.

Speaking of clothes, we purchased this handy little steamer last week and it is life-saving! I don't enjoy ironing or the stiff look that it leaves on your clothing -- steaming the wrinkles out of them is faster, more convenient (no ironing board!), and leaves your clothes looking more natural. This one had the best reviews and after using it multiple times this past week, I whole-heartedly agree! 

We live fairly close to my sister and her family and it allows me to pop in at least once per week to see them! I watched my nieces the other night while my sister and her husband headed out for a date night and we had the best time! We made banana bread together and it was so delicious! I wasn't able to grab a photo of the finished product because one kid was rifling through my purse while the other one was trying to play in the toilet. #reallife

I came across this blog the other day and instantly fell in love with her signature style and her amazing hair! Definitely check out her site! 

This is happening this fall, and all I can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME. My sister Andrea, and I are obsessed with Cadbury mini eggs and the fact that they are available in another season is the best news ever! Side note, all of my "favorites" in my iPhone have a custom illustration as their contact photo and it makes me so happy whenever it pops up! 

Post college, I used to buy all a good majority of my clothes from Target because they were cute and also cheap. These days, I pursue quality over quantity and prefer to invest in well-made items that will last more than just a season or two. My only exception are my white tees and tanks because they just don't hold up for how often I wear them -- even when I purchase higher-quality brands. Target was having basic v-neck tees for $5 the other day so I stocked up these white ones! These are perfect for wearing under leather jackets, cardigans, or with jeans and a cute necklace! 

On Wednesday night, Andy and I headed out to grab a few things at Nordstrom and decided to swing by YogurtLab for some froyo afterwards! It was so fun to have a little mini mid-week date night! 

I'm heading out for a day at the pool with a couple of friends and then meeting up with Andy for our date night this evening! Have a great weekend! 

Favorite seasonal candy?
Are you excited for fall or hoping that summer lasts longer?