August Goals

Here we are at the start of another new month! I'm going to run through a recap of my July goals, and then share my intentions for August! As always, you may read about past goals here! 

1. Purchase shoes for Allie's wedding
I ended up shopping my closet, which you may read about here! 

2. Replant my Christmas Cactus
I replanted this, along with some other plants and I'm happy to report back that everyone is happy in their new homes.


3. Mail my bestie's birthday gift before her birthday
I was so proud of myself for this one because I always fail to send her gift on time -- I mailed Allie's gift a few weeks before her birthday this past month! Since she's getting married next month and going on an amazing honeymoon overseas, I got her this with her new initials on it! 

Side note, I purchased the slip-on sneakers that I'm wearing in the photo above on a whim back in February and I am obsessed with them! They are literally the most comfortable slip-ons ever -- I wore them while traveling to Arizona for Spring Break and find myself slipping them on whenever I have an afternoon of errands ahead of me. I wasn't able to find them online, but these are similar and I'll most likely pick up this pair as well since they're a different color.

4. Daily meditation time
I did okay on this goal, but could have done better. I think I just need to add it to my morning routine, because when something is part of my routine, I'm much more likely to be consistent with it.

5. Practice French for at least 10 min each day
Ditto on the comment above -- need to incorporate this into my routine.

Now that the July goals are out of the way, let's talk about what's going down in August! 

1. Protect my shoes + boots for fall
I purchased these items not too long ago and need to spend a Saturday afternoon out on our front lawn spraying all of my shoes (booties, flats, etc.) and boots with this suede & nubuck protectant spray. I also bought the Jason Markk suede cleaning kit in hopes to remove a little stain off of the back of my leopard booties. 

2. Solidify our fall schedule
Fall is going to be a lot busier than our laid-back summer. Andy teaches a design class two evenings per week at the college we both attended and I'll be hosting my small group this fall. These items paired with our weekly date night and our book club makes for a busy week! We also have a lot of family birthdays and holidays coming up so I want to make sure we get everything on the calendar. 

3. Look into joining a couples' small group
This is something that has been on my radar for the past few months -- we'd love to join a couples' small group to build more community and meet new friends.

4. Chop off my hair
I've got my hair appointment booked with my favorite stylist, Krista and I'm so excited to go back to my short hair! 

5. Update my Goodreads account
I haven't updated this since the start of the summer and that needs to change! As an avid reader, I love keeping tabs on all of the books I've read and all of the books I want to read. If you're on Goodreads, let's be friends! 

What's one goal that you've accomplished lately?
What's on your radar for August?