Real Life: Bad Days

I typically like to keep a happy and optimistic mindset, but it's normal (and okay!) to have a bad day every once in awhile. Yesterday, I woke up and started my day as usual but felt like everything kept going wrong -- you know, dumb little things like we were out of coffee, my hair wasn't working out, it was pouring rain, and I had a dental appointment on the calendar. I also realized halfway through my day that my leggings were on inside out, so there's that.


Normally these things wouldn't be a huge deal, but for some reason I was just in a funk -- causing me to feel more frustrated with each little thing that went wrong. I could have easily called it a "bad day" and used that as an excuse to wallow in my misery, but instead I decided to turn it around. It was a glorious 56 degrees outside (aka my fall-aholic self was in heaven), so I dressed up in my favorite rain boots, showed up, and got on with my day.

I texted my sister to see if I could swing by for a quick brow reshaping session (my sister is the BEST with all things beauty), and after spending time with her and my nieces, I felt a million times better. Heck, I even arrived to my dental appointment with a smile on my face -- which was quite the turnaround from how I felt about going to the dentist earlier that day.

Here's what helps me turn a bad attitude or situation from turning into a bad day:

1. Remove Myself from the Situation
Even if it's just for 15 minutes, this helps me so much! Leaving for a "real" lunch break, taking a walk around the block, or running an errand helps me refocus my outlook for the day.

2. Make Plans
Sometimes alone time is great, but whenever I'm in a funk, spending too much time by myself results in overthinking things -- which makes me even more frustrated. An impromptu coffee date with a friend, scheduling a pedicure, or even just scheduling 30 minutes of your day for a workout helps so much!

3. Listen to Something
If I notice my thoughts going crazy, something that helps me is to either listen to my meditation app or to listen to music / a podcast to get my mind focused on something else.

4. Journal
There's just something about getting thoughts / feelings OUT of your head that helps so much! My mind feels clearer and it can often feel like a "fresh start." I don't typically carry my journal with me, so I like to utilize the "notes" app on my iPhone to jot down whatever is bothering me.

5. Dress Up
You guys know that I'm a huge advocate of dressing for success! Whenever I don't put effort into my appearance, I don't feel my best -- pair that with an already grumpy mindset and it's a recipe for disaster. Dressing in something where I feel confident and put together helps me to focus on being the best version of myself and immediately helps me to feel better!

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What's something that helps you turn your day around?
How do you handle bad days?