Second Trimester Favorites

The second trimester flew by so much faster than the first — I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and it’s hard to believe that our little guy will be here in a little over 9 weeks!

My second trimester felt SO different from the first trimester — I was less tired, but still way more exhausted than my usual energetic pre-pregnancy self. However, instead of sleeping constantly, I was able to scoot by with a nap a few nights per week. Sleeping became more challenging until I ordered this little gem which has helped a ton! I’ve been back to my regular diet and it feels SO good to be eating lots of veggies, proteins, and fats instead of simple carbs. Although, those frozen waffles during the first 13 weeks did taste realllllly good.

Below are some of my favorite items that helped me through weeks 14-27! If you missed my first trimester favorites, you may check them out here!


Snoogle Pillow
Hands down, one of my favorite pregnancy items! This pillow makes it so much more comfortable to sleep on my sides since it supports my back, knees, hips, and neck. The best part is the little curl at the end that goes between your knees — pregnant or not, I have this weird thing where I can’t stand having my knee bones touch when I’m trying to sleep.

Maternity Jeans
I’ll say this forever — it has been worth every penny to invest in quality maternity jeans. I love this pair and recently scooped up this pair when Nordstrom restocked them in my size! Having denim in some of my favorite brands has really helped me to feel like myself while choosing outfits for the day. Early on in my pregnancy, I tried on an off-brand and they just did not feel good to me — so saggy and didn’t fit right at all. These fit like a glove and let’s be honest, I’ll probably wear them post-pregnancy until my body goes back to its “new normal”.

Epsom Salts
We’ve been purchasing these at Costco and storing them in a glass jar on the edge of our soaker tub — they’ve definitely helped with sore feet / muscles at the end of the day.

Ice Cold Water
I’ve been SO thirsty this whole pregnancy but I’m actually really thankful for this because it forces me to make sure I’m drinking enough water all day. It’s usually the first thing I reach for in the morning.

This has helped me feel more like myself, too! Fitness is so important to me and it’s been so encouraging to still be able to comfortably run a few miles with baby on board!

I was on a kick with these for so many weeks in a row — they just hit the spot and Andy always purchased the crispiest ones from Costco for me. The grapes phase is over now and I’ve reached a point where I can’t get enough oranges — some days I eat three of them, ha ha. I’m wondering if this is just my body’s way of protecting me against the cold / flu germs!

Fruit smoothies have been my go-to lately, too! I usually toss a cup of frozen organic berries, half of a banana, some spinach, and almond milk into the blender for a snack!

If you’ve been pregnant, what were some of your 2nd trimester favorites?
Favorite fruit?
I think I love citrus best but berries and apples are a close second!