10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 14

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  1. Petting zoos freak me out; same with the live animals at the fair — no, no, and no. Too many germs in too small of a space.

  2. I like my Christmas cookies to be covered in red hot candies — I’m not sure when this weird obsession started but I remember loving them as a kid, too.

  3. I’m super weird about food heated in plastic or hot food being served in plastic containers — most of the time I won’t eat it because it just freaks me out how the plastic can leech into the food. Same with eating hot foods with plastic utensils.

  4. This also goes for Saran Wrap — I won’t eat anything that has been wrapped in it due to the high levels of chemicals. The smell of it also bothers me.

  5. I always feel like I have my life together when my laundry basket is empty meaning that all of the dirty clothes are washed, dried, and put away in their drawers.

  6. The “smell” of winter is one of my favorites — you know when you walk outside on a chilly November day and it just “smells” like winter? Love it.

  7. I love anything caramel, coconut, pumpkin spice, gingerbread, or mint flavored. 

  8. I’ve never liked Hershey’s Syrup on anything — I remember liking it in chocolate milk as a kid but now you couldn’t pay me to drink a glass of milk. I think I would gag!

  9. I tend to be a very cautious person and I both love and hate this about myself, ha ha.

  10. As a kid, soup was one of my least favorite foods and now it’s one of my all-time favorites. Tomato basil is probably my favorite!